MONICA RESPONDS: Lewinsky Reacts to Clinton’s ‘No Apology’ Comments | Sean Hannity

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky spoke out Monday afternoon just hours after President Bill Clinton said he doesn’t “owe” her an apology; reposting an interview and thanking those that have helped her the “past 20 years.”

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To be fair, she was consenting in the matter. It is not as if Clinton had raped her, or coerced her into giving him a blow job. She was 100% willing to do this; in fact, she seemed pretty excited from the comments I have read through her friends’ interviews during the Starr investigation.

Consent doesn’t mean squat in this case. He was her workplace superior and in most places, that is a fireable offense. There’s a reason why Army officers aren’t allowed to date soldiers. Is it okay for a high school teacher to have sexual relations with an 18-year-old student? Same thing.