Money for Harvey relief may fund border wall: source


Make sense doesn’t it. Find leftover money to fund a wall that border towns say we don’t need (as Trump presents those people with contraband seized at border crossings) instead of using it for actual disaster relief.

Now, many republicans are saying this is a lie but let’s see what happens when Trump declares a national emergency (something he could have done over the last two years).

I say he’ll take this money. That will get the Republican media people off his back.


The wall is going to increase flooding. How perfect.


We need a wall or Spine and flood gates in Houston / Galveston NOT a wall on the southern boarder. Would the money not be better spent down here? double winner Trump can say he got a wall, of sorts in south Texas everyone’s a winner


I’m sure Texans will cheer the Donald for taking the money from Harvey relief because they are Patriots.


especially if we get another big storm, or two, this season. He could pop down and throw paper towels at us