MOMENT OF SANITY: Chris Matthews Slams ‘OUTRAGEOUS, ELITIST’ Democrats

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A left-wing panel at MSNBC had a brief moment of sanity Tuesday, with network host Chris Matthews launching an all-out attack on the “elitist” Democratic Party, saying the American people have had enough of over-educated, smug politicians who think they know better.

Matthews was asked to comment on the legacy of Robert Kennedy 50 years after his assassination, saying the party had lost its way because of “too many elitists” simply out to raise money from wealthy donors.

“A true democrat, lower case ‘d,’ thinks they’re no better than anybody else. That’s what a Democrat is,” Matthews said. “And the party regains that when white, black, Hispanic people, everybody, starts to think of themselves as one of them instead of being better than them. [Then] they’ll get back to the party of the people, and they’re not there yet.”

“There’s so much elitism in the Democratic party, it’s outrageous,” he added.

Watch Matthew’s comments above.

Too funny, about 8 years ago I said democrats have become nothing more then elitist snobs preying on American people.

And of course forum libs ridiculed me for that statement.

And it’t gotten 10 folds worst since.