MOMENT OF SANITY: Chris Matthews Slams ‘OUTRAGEOUS, ELITIST’ Democrats | Sean Hannity

A left-wing panel at MSNBC had a brief moment of sanity Tuesday, with network host Chris Matthews launching an all-out attack on the “elitist” Democratic Party, saying the American people have had enough of over-educated, smug politicians who think they know better.

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Chris Mathews can be down to earth sometimes.I don’t think he’s a bad guy.I love it when he comes to realize that his party has changed.I too am inspired by John and Robert Kennedy,whom both would also see the change in their party if they were here today.The Democrats need to throw out the arrogant elites,get more moderates back in there where serious debates between good men and women can discuss and not get mad at the other’s views.Chris needs to keep spreading this.To remember good men of our parties is to have courage to stand up against those who try today to destroy common sense and decency.My hope Chris will.And this goes for those Republicans too and knock off the craziness and get to the table of ideas and good debates.As JFK would say we need to be dynamic not static.And both parties have become static.