Moderator approval of posts

I keep getting told that my post is being delayed pending moderator approval. Where’s this about?

I can’t imagine you needing moderator approvals. You’re one of the calmest posters here.

I used ass and ■■■■■■■■■■■■ aren’t those blocked out anyway?

Apparently is for the use of naughty words…because the previous post was delayed

I feel censored…lol. Just really want an explanation.

Are we no longer allowed to use naughty words even though they get blocked out?

My free speech!

I’d like to hear what this is all about, too. I had a post popped up for approval as well.

I don’t care if that’s what is going on…if it’s rules it’s rules. But I’d like an explanation.

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I used ass…is that not a blocked word?

I believe it’s certain threads. My posts are being moderated now in 2 threads whether I use a filtered word or not while I can post freely in others

From where I stand, your ass is not being blocked.


Thats interesting. Maybe a mod is looking at those threads, removing posts? And blocked it till finished?

Dunno. Just started happening.


No…LucyLou…my ass is just being moderated…and really…I don’t mind :sunglasses:


Post Needs Approval

We’ve received your new post but it needs to be approved by a moderator before it will appear. Please be patient.

You have 1 post pending.


Respond to her again without ass.

Am I being naughty?

No LucyLou…my Heinie is being moderated…and I really don’t mind :sunglasses:

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Sounds like fun for the mods, they need to approve everyone’s asses :slight_smile: