MIXED MESSAGES? Democrats Using Midterm Primaries ‘TO TEST’ 2018 Policies

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/mixed-messages-democrats-using-midterm-primaries-to-test-2018-policies/

Liberal candidates across the country are using the Democratic primary season to “test” messaging and policy priorities ahead of the 2018 midterms; campaigning on issues as diverse as “gun control” and universal healthcare.

According to Yahoo News, the left-wing hopefuls are viewing the primary battle as a proving ground that could potentially swing centrist or right-leaning voters this fall; allowing them to zero-in on messaging that could help the Democrats retake control of Congress.

“Weeks into the primary season, Democrats’ midterm class is shaping up to test what liberal messages the party can sell to the moderate and GOP-leaning voters who will help determine control of the House after the November election,” writes Yahoo News.

“You have ballpark 60 districts as diverse as Kansas and Staten Island. One bumper-sticker message will be self-defeating,” added NY Rep. Steve Israel.

Democrats need to flip 23 additional seats from their GOP opponents this fall to retake control of Congress, struggling to gain ground in diverse districts across the country.

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