Mitt Romney’s reaction during Trump’s SOTU

Romney’s infamous anti-Trump op-ed in the Washington Post and his harsh reaction to Trump’s honest appraisal of John McCain, gives Romney the lead of the NeverTrump faction of the GOP. (Great political strategy Romney; you now represent 5% of Republicans.)

The fact the guy hates Trump was brought to mind again when I saw this clip of reaction shots of anti-Trump politicians during Trump’s State of the Union speech.

Romney’s reaction is at about the 50 second point:

Watching that I was reminded of the famous Steven Boyd reaction shot at the end of the movie, The Oscar.

It’s at the 6 minute, 28 second point in this clip:


Unfortunately, we can’t see the 6:28 mark in this clip, as it starts at 6:39.


evangelicals (Trump talking about grabbing women between their legs and his serial adultery), fiscal conservatives (Trump has exploded our deficit) and swing voters in the midwest (Trump lied about their jobs) should also hate him.

but, as long as he says the six things Fox says he’s golden.


Precisely. I’m both an evangelical and a fiscal conservative - and there is no way I could vote for Trump and hold consistent with those views. Anyone who says they can is just fooling themselves.


Wonderingrover, sometimes Youtube gets hung up. You can go to the YouTube page and scroll to the 6:28 point in the video:


Other evangelicals would say they couldn’t vote for a party for which infanticide is now a legitimate party position.


As for myself, I voted 3rd party on the presidential ticket. That was the only choice I could personally make morally.


At the same time they screamed about Bill Clinton’s adultry.

It’s all so convenient.

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Romney at Trump’s SOTU:

Steven Boyd in The Oscar


But yet these same self proclaimed evangelicals will vote for Republican after Republican despite their FIRM stance on SUPPORTING our nation’s continuius SLAUGHTER of innocent men, women, pregnant women, and children by our military or our “allies” military in countries posing no threat to us an that have never attacked us; labeling it “unavoidable” or “acceptable collateral damage” rather than calling it what it us, MURDER.

Obese Donald Trump even decclared he wanted to intentionally kill the innocents, Right wingers including the evangelicals CHEERED him on! MAGA :us:

Hell Obese Donald even rescinded rules that were in place requiring greater public accounting by the givernment of the numbers of innocents being killed by our military actions, even as Obese Donald was increasing drone strikes.

Those on the Right, in support of “acceptable collateral damage” especially evangelicals who point a finger at Democrats saying, we are the evil ones, should realize there are 3 fingers pointing back at their hypocrisy.