Mitt Romney another RINO

I fear that Mr. Romney will be another John McCain. Another RINO. His too ambitious for his own good and very disruptive already. These guys have never achieved anything worth while in their lives and yet we keep voting them in. Something wrong

Romney and McCain never accomplished anything worthwhile in their lives? Wow.


I thought military service counted for something, yeesh.

governor of a state, surviving hellish POW Camp and helping normalizing relation with that very same country, raising good families yup…nothing worthwhile

The biggest issue is that people only vote for one party or the other. If you voted other parties in that aligned more with your values, you wouldn’t have these elitists running for their own vanity.

Of course Mitt Romney ran in Utah. They’re not electing Democrats or Libertarians or Greens or anyone else there.

They disagreed with and criticized Trump, so now they’re Life Failures.


If Romney is a RINO, what does that make Donald Trump?

The core of the Republican base.


fatty mcfatty face


I knew it.
Rush’s guest host and callers spent the entire first hour of the radio show today bashing and trashing Mitt Romney, for Donnie trump.

Let that sink in.

Trashing a decent man like Mitt Romney, for the sake of a garbage human like Donnie.



Let me guess, “vulture capitalism” and “Godfather of Obamacare” or something stupid like that.

If only Romney had achieved bagging and paying off porn stars while his third wife was home with his fifth baby, maybe then he’d be a good enough human being that Republicans wouldn’t feel compelled to trash him.


its only going to get worse


If only Romney grabbed women by the ■■■■■■ maybe then he’d be a good enough human being that Republicans wouldn’t feel compelled to trash him.


Do you really know this little about either one of these men? Fascinating.


It’s like a gate keeper death match.

Hi PaulCapo. Nice to meet you, PaulCapo. lol

If only Romney had achieved survival of his own private Vietnam by not catching a venereal disease while bagging other men’s wives and dodging the real Vietnam, Republicans wouldn’t feel compelled to trash him. For Donnie.

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Rock music approaches at high velocity. lol

The premise of the OP appears to be that Republicans really suck at nominating actual Republicans for the Presidency.


And are not the least bit angry at themselves for it