Mitch up for re-election? better give his wife a 78 million dollar grant

and people are questioning why Mitch is a company player.

Donald Trump’s transport secretary designated a special liaison to help with grant applications from her senator husband’s state, paving the way to fund projects worth $78m (£62m), it has been reported.

Elaine Chao personally asked a Department of Transportation aide to serve as an intermediary and advisor to Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and his Kentucky state officials, according to emails seen by Politico.

The projects funded – as Mr McConnell prepared to campaign for re-election – reportedly included road improvements in Republican political strongholds for which grant applications had previously been rejected.

Lol “paving the way”.

From top to bottom… the most corrupt administration this country has ever had.

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Yes, but not rising to the level of criminal corruption so… fake news.

Learned that right here on this forum.

Totally legal and totally cool

Lock HER up???

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Like I have said before, Mitch McConnell is the scum of the Senate. Washington will be a better place when he is gone. It will still be a cesspool, but that’s how low the bar is set.

I really wish the voters in Kentucky would grow a pair and kick him out of office.

Nancy Pelosi’s district got all those Obamacare waivers even though they were lobbying for its passage… it’s cool.

Waiting for all my right-wing friends to weigh in on this.

Uh. Yeah. :roll_eyes: