Mitch mcconnell asks : Will Dems work with us, or simply put partisan politics ahead of the country

Funny as hell that Trumpists who admit they elected Trump just for revenge are suddenly concerned with the fact that Dems may now shove that idea right back up their asses.


So Hillary lied when she said civility will come only after when democrats gain power.

Why I’m I not surprised. And here democrats had a chance to prove tot the world they’re better then us.

Imagine if the Ds offered up a bill to deschedule MaryJ federally and to leave it up to the states. How could the Rs not go along with that? After all, Sessions is gone now-this would make Trump INSANELY popular with libertarian-minded individuals, and would make a lot of people that Rs really do care about individual liberty. But that would also mean it would be a win for Dems…so the question becomes whether the partisans would go along with it.

I dont care about hillary… you get nothing…you get exactly what you deserve. …

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Well I find it amusing that democrats are no better then I am…after spending last 2 years saying they were.

There’s a difference between civility and partisanship.

No, we are talking about putting partisan politics ahead of the country.

No but you do got Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff to name a few.

“Libs” don’t have to “prove” they
re better than Trump supporters at this point. Everybody in the world with a sense of decency already knows it.

Trying to explain to Trump supporters what “decency” means, is a fool’s errand. They’re too disconnected and lost to ever understand. That’s partly due to right wing media, partly due to poor genetics.

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So what? You get what deserve

I’ll just let this stand on it’s own.

And so do you. :wink:




Libz have already proved they’re better than you. Wasn’t too difficult. While Republicans were busy lying about an “invasion”, lying that they were defending health care preexisting conditions,’and suppressing votes, Democrats were campaigning on issues.


Dems are typically the good guys…and after the GOP breaks all the rules and loses some power, they expect the good guys to again play by the rules? LOL Fat chance after what you’ve done to this country!

Usually the GOP just wrecks the economy. This time around, they’re trying to wreck the whole country! Dems will put a stop to it, thankfully.


Nefarious reasons.

Oh no…I have no issue working with anyone but trumps base…

I hope they do manage to prove they can govern better than obstructionists like McConnell. We’ll see.

The example your Messiah and his party sets is deplorable.

You are the last person to be talking about peace. Ever since Trump was elected President you have stated on here several times that the more times Trump can screw over Democrats/liberals or anyone that meets your definition of a liberal the better it will be.

You fully supported the partisan approach that Republicans took towards Obama and I clearly recall myself and others telling you that it was a very short sighted approach to take because as some point the situation would be reversed.

Trump is the most divisive president in modern times so now that the Democrats control the house why should they work with him? How has Trump tried to work the Democrats? You cannot constantly belittle and berate someone publicly and then act surprised when they don’t want to work with you.

This is why I would prefer Pence as President, I may not like his politics but I do know he would bring some decorum back to the White House and he would do what he could to try and cross the political divide. Real progress can only be made when there is compromise on both sides and Trump is incapable of that.


Hmmm . . . maybe Mitch should ask Merrick Garland?

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