Mitch mcconnell asks : Will Dems work with us, or simply put partisan politics ahead of the country

this from the person who tried to block obama at every turn.
who stole a supreme court seat
who said my number one priority is making sure president Obama’s a one-term president

what a joke. mcconnell is the poster child for party before country.


Too funny!

Does he think we can’t remember things he’s said and done in the past?

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He looks like a turtle.

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It fits perfectly considering the victim hood so many republicans are currently embracing.


Dems should agree if R’s will support impeachment of Kavanaugh. :joy: :joy: :rofl:


Pure cynicism.

Once again these hypocritical partisan clowns act as if the time between January 20, 2009 and January 19, 2017 they were willing participants in democracy.

I now the 45 supporters on this board seem to have forgot that time duration too while their lord and savior is doing everything they were scared that Obama would do.

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Seriously, this is the last person to admonish others about partisan politics/obstructionism.

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Turtles gonna turtle.


Him and Schumer from same mold

The Dems need to play partisan politics like never before. Snuff out anything the disgraced GOP tries to do, as republicans have proven repeatedly that they are not interested in doing what’s right for the other 99%.

Sadly, they’ve got many uninformed lower and middle class rubes doing their bidding.

Mitch can go ■■■■ himself


So I can take it there can be no peace.

And here was a chance for libs to prove they’re better then us. :rofl:

I hope the Dems will put the country ahead of Mitch’s partisan politics.

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Lol coming from a bird like you?
Who wanted to seek revenge and tear down our government… now you want peace…all you want is another way to play victim…


Schumer didn’t steal a Supreme Court seat.

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Were we talking about Supreme court nominations?

Eat your peas lib.

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In case you haven’t noticed the entire OP open argument was about being a victim…when democrats have opportunity to prove to the world that they’re better then us.

Oh we can and still tell mitch to go ■■■■ himself.

Trumps doa now with any policy outside of executive orders. The American people spoke…health care is the most important issue to them and the gop are liars