Missouri Bans All Federal Gun Laws in Proposed Bill


Here’s the full text of the bill if you’re wondering whether or not there are similarities. You’ll want to consider Missouri’s Constitution before you compared it to Kansas though. The two states are worlds apart in detail.


I’ve them both but don’t need to read Missouri’s constitution, I know enough about supremacy to know that’s not necessary… Good luck in court… LOL


Fully automatic weapons.


They have been prosecuting individuals for violations of the NFA?


The precedent has been set when states started legalizing marijuana.


Would they not arrest someone for illegally having a fully automatic weapon should they learn of it?


Police don’t prosecute.


So now they are going to aid and abet violations of the NFA? You know that is a violation of 18 USC 2…

I can’t imagine any city or county advising their officers to expose themselves to this risk…


Of course they don’t… Which is the point, who in Missouri is prosecuting for federal crimes?


Nobody. Who is prosecuting for federal weed and immigration crimes in lib safe spa… sanctuary cities?


There are federal prosecutions for immigration crimes in “sanctuary cities” every day… There is no limitation on federal prosecutions for weed…


I understand. You’re trapped.


Is it aiding and abetting to not enforce a federal law? Is it not aiding and abetting to help an illegal alien evade our immigration laws? Are states that do not help enforce our immigration laws “aiding and abetting”? Is it aiding and abetting if the Colorado police know of someone selling marijuana and do not arrest them because it is against federal law?
Perhaps you could explain the difference.


I’m thinking set up a business specifically to sell guns to people with felony convictions. Big market for that.


The head-spinning is cute. Freedom is messy.


States are not required to enforce federal law.

However federal agents still can.

How’s that gonna work when the feds swoop in.

Federal laws cannot be nullified by states.

That’s not how the constitution works.



We have so many feds, they can just take over all the local law enforcement offices. Brilliant.


Feds can still arrest people for marijuana.

They just choose not to.



Yep, feds don’t arrest people and businesses across 34 states violating federal law because they simply choose not to.

What a fantastical thought.


You might want to read this article from someone who defends firearms owners as part of his practice…