Mississippi welfare scandal

A lot to unpack here - Times article, official state article, and the report itself:

Pick what you want to discuss:

  1. Massive embezzlement (tens of millions of TANF money funneled through nonprofits for illegitimate uses)
  2. Celebrity involvement (Brett Favre and Ted DiBiase)
  3. Emergence (potentially) of a young Republican superstar (Shad White - Oxford, Harvard Law, first millennial elected to state office in Deep South)
  4. The epitome of bad grants/program/contract management - the audit notes a myriad of contracts that can’t be located!

The articles cover things well - but really, the fact is that people stole money intended for some of the most destitute people in the country in a number of ways.

Damn why can’t they just embezzle general-accounts funds like everyone else.


Like a drunk housemate told me 20 years ago when I caught him swiping a Mac ‘n’ cheese box from our food drive - “It was just there, dude…”

Sorry assed pack of thieves. I hope every guilty one of them goes to prison and spends the rest of their lives destitute paying it back.

The Good Lord doesn’t care for those who steal from widows and orphans, He is plain about that.


Because when we ■■■■ up we ■■■■ up big. It’s a ‘Sip tradition.


Texas too.


hey, for creativity they get a 10!

“When you read this one-hundred-plus page audit, you will see that, if there was a way to misspend money, it seems DHS leadership or their grantees thought of it and tried it.”

The power of brainstorming!

Proverbs 22:22-23 “Rob not the poor, because he is poor; neither oppress the afflicted in the gate, for Yahweh pleads their cause, and spoils the soul of their spoilers.”


Great quotes (yours and the article’s!)