Mississippi legislators vote to remove Confederate emblem from state flag

It’s been 125 years in the making and welcome to the 21st Century, Mississippi. You’ve got a lot of catching up to do


This is a great positive move.

Mississippi may not have flag for some period of time.

There was no State flag between 1865 and 1894. Hopefully it won’t take them 29 years to come up with a new design.

In the meantime, people have been pretty much flying what they want. My company has flown the unofficial Stennis Flag at our Mississippi facilities after banning the “Southern Cross” several years ago.

I’m happy about it. I’ll vote for the Stennis flag if it’s one of the options on the ballot in November.

I will say that wasn’t too thrilled with how this was done. But ultimately it needed to happen one way or the other.

Maybe long term it’ll help remove some of the stigma surrounding our state. I think we’ve made some excellent progress since I was a kid, but that flag was definitely holding us back. 40% of the population is black; we have one of the highest black populations in the country adjusted for population size. The flag should represent all Mississippians, not just one group.


If everything goes according to the current intentions they’ll have a selection of flag designs on the ballot for the people to choose from this November.

That said I wouldn’t be surprised if the good ol’ boy network in Jackson makes a stink and gets it delayed.

The old flag comes down 15 days after the legislation passes, so kind of pointless to delay the flag vote. It won’t delay the lowering of the Southern Cross.

I meant they could delay a vote on a new flag design.

The southern cross is gone. Doesn’t mean they can’t throw a fit over it and act childish.

Thank you to the Republican legislators who helped pass this.

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…and this is how it’s done…the right way folks. No burning. No looting. No violence. No tearing down and destroying. Let the people of the area decide what they want for their state.

I wonder if this will be considered a positive example for libs to go by going forward?

Don’t answer…it was a rhetorical question. :sunglasses:

Nobody’s ever said any differently.

You mistake people stating they understand the anger that leads to violence as justifying the violence.

They’re not equivalent.

You realize why this happened now?

Because it was long overdue, and the right thing to do?


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If the population has a legitimate grievance and takes illegitimate action because of it, that illegitimate action does not argue against redressing the grievance.

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Fire = Long overdue
Assault = Election
Looting = Conscience

See, you just need to speak liberalainian, but do use a bit of a socialese accent.
Luckily I know the a little liberalainian, and have given you a direct translation above.

Make sense now?

I had such high hopes…

Well said. Legitimate is in the eye of the pol, and sometimes inertia has to be broken.

It’s a state’s decision to make. Good for them in having the people choose the new one.

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S[quote=“ResPrivita, post:12, topic:232598, full:true”]
Because it was long overdue, and the right thing to do?

Spot on.

so every black person thought the flag was a celebration of slavery?