Missing the Mark

Very few things bother me more than police brutality. But one thing does for sure. That is the promotion of the idea that police brutality is race based.
When FBI officials scoff at their wrongdoing as if they get ill at the stench of lesser citizens are we to believe that this sense of limitless power over others is just at the CIA, FBI and DOJ as nobody has been charged with blatant discrimination against TRUMP & associates? Is that discrimination based on race or on policy preferences. Does it matter why they feel they serve a higher purpose.
If law enforcement delude themselves into believing their work is divine and therefore exempts them from peer judgement the issue goes well beyond race. It permeates all the carefully regimented segments of society.
There are those that wish to have power and control over others. They think they should be able to make and enforce rules. Say Twitter and you tube for example. They believe they serve a greater good and that there are those that should have more power and those lesser individuals that should be controlled.
That is indeed the sickness of our society today. It is not race based it is power based. Those that wish to silence opposition, Those that wish to command rather than legislate. Those that say wear your mask and shut your business.
If Obama was criticized critics were called racist. Yet they all falsely accuse Trump of being racist and everybody is encouraged to criticize Trump.
Consider this, There are many bad cops that reflect the values of society. The police forces and governments are ethnically diverse and not racist. Yet when police demonstrate the hate we have for opposing positions racism is blamed.
Racism is the accelerant that fans the flames of hate and intolerance by those that would seize authority. AS they have recently.
Mr. Floyd should be a wake up call to those that are against unlimited authority and privilege of government officials. It is not an issue for unlawful demonstrations and property destruction.
More importantly all criminals deserve due process not a rush to judgment. Even mentally disturbed police officers. They even deserve a defense as do all criminals. IF convicted following due process they should be punished as should all criminals.
But then we are releasing all criminals from jail now.
So do you really believe in equal justice? NO you don’t, not really. You only believe in your justice which makes you just like the damn cops.
Chew on that.


How many white suspects have been choked out by police? How many 12 year old white kids on a play ground have been shot by police? How many unarmed white suspects are shot in the back like Walter Scott? How many videos have we seen of white suspects getting beat like Rodney King? How many cases of white people being arrested going into their own house like Henry Louis Gates? Yes police are out of control in general, but there is an obvious greater probability of being brutalized and harrassed by police if you are black.


no police are not “out of control in general”

the violent racist left is.

stupidest post of the year

it’s ok i know your post was the forum equivalent of throwing a cinder block through a storefront window and looting a target


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here is a link to show far more whites are shot by police.
but it does not support an idiotic point of view.
just the numbers

we just accept white deaths a lot better


most thinking men have data to support their point of view. You do not so we must question your thoughts.
interesting you call the left racist.

when you say stupidest post of the year i assume you have references to say none of it is true or you just are not able to comprehend and therefore think it is stupid instead of you.

do you contend we are not letting convicts out of Jail?
do you contend the FBI did not frame people?
do you contend Trump is not criticized?

what is it that you disagree with exactly?

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pretty sure i have been shut down more than you. but maybe we should just stick to facts.

if you want to call me stupid then tell me why I am wrong. I provide many statements of supposed truth.
I claim we have a society of people that want too impose their views on others with force if necessary.

do you disagree. Do you think the criminal justice system is corrupt?


for gawd sake. read who my post was in response to

it does not say, so i assumed it was to the OP.

sad situation we are in.

i know. i know. it’s alright.

i put the reply in the post to prevent confusion

keep postin friend

The violent racist left killed George Floyd, Walter Scott, Tamir Rice, Ahmaud Arbery and so on and so forth?..Your post my friend, wins stupidest post of the year, until tomorrow when you out do yourself once again…

Knock off the personal crap.

What did he just post? My post wins stupidest post of the year…You know I don’t get personal. Just responding in kind…

addressing a post is not going personal. it addresses the post

My post is not a debate.

Just knock it off.

maybe we should address the OP

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I don’t need any help, thank you.

just my “opinion”

Thank you.

Good post!

Um, what? Why is that idea worse than police brutality?