Missing posts/threads

I couldn’t access the forum for a while - message said server error. But now that I’m back on there seem to be a lot of posts missing (that didn’t seem to be problems posts), and maybe even some threads missing?

It looks like about 4 days worth!

Yeah, @NebraskaFootball just said it seems like everything went back to 9/12. This is weird.

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Seems like they had to reboot the forum with last backup.

As with all things, I’m blaming @GWH for flipping the wrong toggle.


That would make sense. Kind of sucks tho.

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Specially after all bad things I said about forum libs that went poof. :wink:

Oh, I think we can all fill in those blanks. :wink:

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LOL Yeah it wouldn’t take too much of imagination. :rofl:

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It’s always Iggy’s fault, no?


At the core, it’s not a stretch to say that anything said (by anyone) in the deleted period had already been said before the restore date.

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I liked blaming SCB or BGG personally. But Iggy will do in a pinch. :rofl:

That’s pretty much true. We are all entrenched in our ways.

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Indeed. And will doubtless be said many times again going forward.

To all those that were banned the last 3 days…welcome back. :wink:


I’m blaming this on the E cig thread. We were, for the most part, in agreement with each other. I think that was too much for the forum to handle.

We can’t have that here.

I suppose it would be to much to hope for that the forum does a daily backup?

Just seems so antiquated that any website would only back up every few days.


True. It was like the twilight zone.

Deeeeep Staaaaaate. :rofl: