Miss America will no longer judge based on physical appearance

PC strikes again.
Get ready for 300 lb Miss Americas with hairy legs.
I think I’ll pass.

Libs destroy everything they touch.

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There goes the male audience.:sunglasses:

Gretchen Carlson is a lib?

She outed all of the sexual predators at Fox News, so she must be a Lib.

Just one more reason I can’t stand the Me Too movement and third-wave feminism. So, women can’t be beautiful, and men can’t admire them.

It’s like what Rush Limbaugh said about feminists wanting ugly people to compete in beauty pageants.

I’m against boycotts because I think they’re stupid, but I make this exception on this important issue. I will not watch the Miss America Pageant again until they bring back the swimsuit competition.

Apparently, they are also modifying the evening gown to be more reflective of the contestants’ personality (?) Listening to morning radio, someone said that if you eliminate the things people look at, there’s no reason to keep it on TV - it’s basically a radio show.

My personal opinion is that the Miss American pageant as television viewing is done for. You don’t need to watch a 3 hour pageant to see women in bathing suits or evening gowns - reality TV provides that. And the contestants on most of the talent competition shows are far more proficient and fun to watch than pageant contestants. In this era of 100s of cable channels and youtube and streaming, you have to justify more than ever the reason a viewer should spend 3 hours watching your program.

I always turn to Rush when I need to know what to think of issues pertaining to young women.


Actually, I haven’t watched it in years. I think Bert Parks still hosted it the last time I watched it.

Did you previously watch the Miss America pageant?

I don’t watch it and don’t care.

Geesh…so what’s the point?

Sometimes folks take PC way too far. Smh

So they are going to include men as contestants?

If appearance is irrelevant, then what basis is there to exclude them?

This is such a non issue. The beauty pageant is so dated, who actually watches these things?

Other women. That’s why it’s going to a personality contest.

In this thread:

Fat shaming
Appearance shaming
Demeaning rape victims
Sexual Objectification

Classic Republican Values

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Listen OP, you have all sorts of Internet sites to visit if you want to see scantily clad women, naked women, or women engaged in sex. We don’t need a contest based on the physical attractiveness of women in the 21st century.

I know, I know, change is hard.

Perhaps Miss America should be based on other things.

But keep being you,


You missed a necessary component of any thread- The Liberal Lie.
Which rape victims were demeaned?

Post number six.

This one?
She outed all of the sexual predators at Fox News, so she must be a Lib.

You’ve got to be kidding.