Misogyny at FAKE NEWS CNN

That is true. But it still doesn’t give him an excuse to say things like that about her.

As was pointed out, what about Governor “half-Whitmer”?

Did she deserve that shot?

Nope their stories do exist.

Not in my opinion.

Thank you for using this to bump my thread to the top of the list. :blush: :+1:

I concur she seems competent, but is also seems she knows who is her biggest audience member…and she walks the line/tightrope. Then again, so does Dr Fauci. Anyone around Trump has to…or they are gone.

I was unfamiliar with Lockhart. Doing some research on him, he is not a journalist. He is a pundit, former Press Secretary for Clinton, and seems like a bit of a narcissist. Or maybe shock jock. Probably both.

There is a zero percent chance that either of these two are gone.

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He needs to be booted. He’s a sexist.

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Is it possible he is just following the new standard of public discourse, set by our current POTUS?

Agreed. As long as they do not cross Trump.

Fine by me.

They already have. Same with Bush, Clinton, Obama whoever. If you continually dispute your boss, your boss sends you packing. You act as if this is a new concept invented by Trump. :man_shrugging:

The turnover rate in the Trump Admin, dwarfs any other modern POTUS.

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He was Obama’s Press Secretary for a while too.

Nope…nm just Clinton’s.

So does his record of accomplishments. :blush:

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It’s the typical way progressive liberals treat women they presume to be conservative and if a woman is working for or with President Trump’s Administration in any capacity she is fair game for insults and attacks, it’s a symptom of TDS & LIBERALISM!

And the one thing you have to remember is liberals are always guilty of what they blame others of. They are the racists, the misogynists, the bigots, anti-choice, and they suffer all the phobia’s they throw up against the wall against conservatives.


You shouldn’t be laughing. After all. His accomplishments are all conservative ones. How do you like his slashing of federal regs? Pretty cool yes? I’m sure you love his appointment of a record number of federal judges and two very conservative SCOTUS justices.

Just because you don’t agree with the accomplishments doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any. And thank God you don’t agree. Right?

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Same with minorities. Any minority working with the President has a psychological problem or is an “Uncle Tom” and must be destroyed. These people suck.