Misogyny at FAKE NEWS CNN

This is low. CNN launching an unprovoked personal attack against Dr. Deborah Birx of the U.S. Coronavirus team. Among other things calling her a “Stepford Doc.” Good Lord, how sexist is that? She has done nothing to deserve this type of hate. This from Joe Lockhart. A man who probably has less than half of her I.Q. Lockhart should be fired or suspended for his anti woman comments. Or fired for basic stupidity.

I will ask my fellow board members to please stay on topic. This is not a general thread regarding Trump or anything else that has already been discussed 100 times. My thread is meant to discuss the specifics of this case. Thanks in advance.

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Joe Lockhart is an idiot who personally I think should be fired.

He has been irresponsible a lot with both his reporting and his tweeting.


CNN isn’t fake, it does exist.

I think this has gone over your head a bit. Your mistake is not realizing that it’s their STORIES that are fake. Hope this helps. :smirk:

Great answer.

If CNN wants to improve their ratings. They need to start by improving their staff.


I disagree with Dr. Birx on one thing. Actually, I should say I conditionally disagree with her.

So these are the things we are looking at, because the predictions of the models don’t match the reality on the ground in China, South Korea, or Italy. We are five times the size of Italy. If we were Italy and you did all those divisions, Italy should have close to 400,000 deaths. They are not close to achieving that.

My conditional disagreement with her is…China, South Korea, and Italy (as well as pretty much every nation in the world now) are actively interfering in the spread of the virus, in many cases with draconian measures.

So…when Dr. Birx says “the model doesn’t match the reality on the ground”, is she taking into account these active interference measures and trying to estimate what effect they are having?

Because if not, this is a false statement.

For example, the Oxford paper, which is essentially the antithesis of the Imperial College paper, uses in its models a hospitalization rate that Italy has already exceeded in its hottest of hot spots even with control measures in place…and you have to remember the Oxford hospitalization rate is what they expect when the pandemic has run its course.

What should really be said is our data set is biased…it’s biased towards people sick enough to get a test (more comprehensive testing has been done in places, but mostly it’s just been tests of people sick enough to warrant a test)…and it’s biased because we have altered its normal progression via our distancing efforts.

This is why the serology data is important.

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Another CNN thread?

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What did you expect from CNN?

The media has another problem. Apparently people tune into those Trump briefings…so media is discussing way to cut back on them or not even showing em at all.

As for Dr. Deborah Birx…she seems to be rising start out of this.

As for Joe Lockhart…who the ■■■■ is he? Another Trump bushing hater from CNN. And yes…he’s using this crises to farther left-wing political agenda. Which BTW we cannot discuss.


To be fair, a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Joe Lockhart actually is an extreme partisan.

They are truly the enemy of the people!

Yes their fake news does exist.

Another Breitbart about cnn thread.

The issue isn’t about her data. It’s the misogyny of the unprovoked sexist attacks by a clown who isn’t smart enough to carry her medical journals.


If it was not for Breitbart you would be totally unaware of CNN’s sexist behavior. You should be thanking them.

I’d like to hear Dr. Debbie’s answer to your question. Good post.


Nah I’ll give him this one.

Lockhart shouldn’t be on the air unless he’s clear he’s an opinion person only.

And telling a respected medical expert that she’s a “Stepford Doctor” is out of line.

As out of line as calling Dr. Fauci a “Deep State Stooge”.


Look, CNN sucks. How many threads do we need about the same subject?

Have you been here long?

Literally since George W. Bush was president. You?