Misdirection-Bernie next lamb-anyone who can pull wool over voter's eyes-keep clear sight on Control of House

Biden thrown under the bus. Iowa results being an apparent debacle. Now reports have Dems vomiting over Sanders surge. Could all be a smoke screen. Think about what is stake if we don’t win back control of the House. Complacency is something that must NEVER set in.

Between the huge Democratic edge in fund raising for House races and the number of Republican retirements, what is the Republican strategy for winning back the House.

And won’t the RNC be much more focused on trying to keep the Republican Senate majority given the number of vulnerable Republican incumbents. Holding the Senate seems like a more achievable goal than flipping back the House.


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what is the smokescreen? how was Biden thrown under the bus? Democrats complaining about Sanders isn’t a new thing.

Thanks, turns out “Six Foot” tall is my exact height too. Lets get added attention to the House elections!

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Well if Bernie does win the presidency I would take a bet if the republicans don’t win the house in 2020, there will be an epic red wave in the 2022 midterms compatible to the movie 2012, to win it back.

The nation won’t last until 2022 under that scenario.

So dramatic! :rofl:

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I think that is a reasonable supposition… also comparable to 2018… the electorate has a preference for balance regardless off which party holds the White House.

Do you see a path to the Presidency for Sanders if he wins the nomination? The attitude of most here is that Trump is a lock for reelection.

Or 2010.

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Bernie has zero chance of beating Trump. For that matter, neither does any other Dem candidate have a chance. Their best bet is Bloomberg because he is the only one with enough money to overcome the lackluster enthusiasm for any other Dem. He will be palatable for the moderate Dems and the far left, they might come out for him just to try and beat Trump. The Republicans voted in a rich business guy so the Dems will figure it will work for them too.

Republicans will keep the Senate and possibly take back the house. There is a lot if resentment over the phony impeachment from the right leaning independents and a failed impeachment from left leaning independents. House Dems are in trouble…


Bernie crushes trump with the independents by 18 percent

There is no data that support this contention. There is resentment against the impeachment among Trump’s base, and that group is not large enough to take the House. Outside of Trump’s base, there is more resentment of how Moscow Mitch ran his show trial (70% of the public wanted witnesses) and that is more likely to lead to Democrats flipping the Senate than Republicans flipping the House.

Independents strongly disapproved of how the Senate conducted the trial… and that puts pressure on Collins, Tillis, McSally, Gardiner to mention the most prominent weak candidates in the R Senate roster. Even McConnell and Graham are polling at close to dead even at present.

The smokescreen is to keep setting new fires away from the one House they still hope can be preserved. Plans to run Biden over were officially set the day the impeachment inquiry was announced. The Dem’s knew full well a conviction in the Senate had absolutely zero chance. Faulty wires causing an application to glow up results in Iowa seems suspect. Imagine the illumination of how Bern baby burn will soon look. Let the Arsonist Party put out their own fires. All the while we continue to shower the White House and the Capital Building. Their constant state of frenzy can be all an act…

No. That isn’t going to happen.

Imho as a conservative I admit there is an appetite among the vast majority of people to bring down medical and prescription drug costs. Medicare for all is not what I would prefer. I kinda liked the system before the ACA but agree that the added no pre condition clause was a winning argument. Unfortunately the ACA at best had no effect with affordability at worse made things more expensive.

It looks like the status quo is no longer acceptable m and either government gets out of healthcare or some type of single payer type system is going to happen regardless one day. Funny thing is Trump was on record praising the Canadian healthcare system if the democrats were truly for the voters they represent they could have tried to struck a major healthcare deal with him in exchange of much tougher border measures because I believe a bill that encompasses 1/5th of the economy has to be bipartisan.

The reason I brought this up before giving my opinion is because this was a winning issue for Sanders. He probably would’ve picked off quite a few voters in swing states that had voted for Obama twice and then voted for Trump in desperation for a chance at what they hoped would be more job opportunities.

But then comes the rest of Sanders positions which throws a monkey wrench in his chances at 200mph. Start with his 180 on immigration and then the green new deal which most people probably don’t want to completely alter the way America works. Then add in banning fracking that will play well in Michigan and Pennsylvania :roll_eyes: … Free college for places that half the people don’t want to go to college :)… It will be ugly Trump will go through one by one asking the people how they will feel about open borders, tax payer funded healthcare for illegals, price of gasoline rising as well as increased energy costs in your home.

If he would have just stuck with his healthcare message and his stance on immigration from 2015 he could have very well beaten Trump, I don’t see it now unless the market just completely collapses and we go into another recession the majority of people in those important states willing to take those type of chances with their lives. I would bet a big number of moderate democrats will stay home as well.

Bernie isn’t Trump.
Neither is Biden.
Neither is Buttigieg.

And that is what would get any of them elected.

  1. Run the primary campaign in a way that reminds one’s supporters that the other’s aren’t Trump.
  2. Let Donald continue to tweet indecencies, corrupt the DOJ, denigrate the miliatry and the other things he does that endear him to his base, but are off putting to traditional Republicans.

The trick for the Democrats is going to be for Bernie to get the Biden supporters to vote in November or vice versa.

Thank you – appreciate the thoughtfulness of this response.

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What do you think got Trump elected in the first place? Not his record but his promises. Like it or not he’s keeping them. Do you think independents are going to make their choice based on one factor? When they go to vote they will look at his record on the economy, illegal immigration, and how his policies have affected America at home and around the world.

By then America will also have got to hear Trump and his opponent debate. The independents will get to hear the radical positions if the left. There aren’t enough brainwashed, brain dead millennials YET to vote in the destruction that socialism or far left radicalism will bring upon them. Maybe by 2028 it 2032. America is safe till at least then.

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