Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


LOL, yeah that sounds great.


They have a choice to start a new business or close, yes. Just like workers have a choice to stay or live on the street or look for other work.


When you know nothing about what you speak of, this is the post that clearly displays that. Thanks. I’m done here.


yes i argue that

that is my point of view and opinion. no i cant prove what would be if there were no min wage because it has been around so long


That’s what I pay them to do heavy cleaning, it is not would I am willing to pay someone for light vacuuming.


Ya the free market where wages have remained stagnant for 40 years, where it took a civil war to end slavery, and where it took government intervention to enforce child labor laws and working conditions. Praise the magic hand


In the real world, I just raised the company contribution to employee healthcare by 20%, after realizing the net benefit of my reduced taxes. This is how the free market works.


Lol sorry for increasing your light vaccum cleaning costs an extra $1 or 2 per hour.


this is nonsense.

partisan gov policy forces businesses to close and you think this is “having choices”

wow wee


Nobody is endorsing slavery or unsafe working conditions. As for child labor, government went too far there. I worked voluntarily as a child and liked it. The money was nice.


Back in those times, travel and information was much slower. One was locked into a smaller marketplace, unaware of the surroundings and choices. That isn’t the case any longer, is it? Stop living in the dark ages.


i hear ya


I thought democrats were advocating for $15 an hour? That’s about triple what it’s worth. But we get it, liberals think being unemployed beats not getting paid what they think is fair. Hungry children probably don’t agree.


that may be too much for a business to bear.

love how you just know that’s ok for businesses to deal with

AOC school of business.

“we know what you can afford because we’re democrats”


No one is forced to close their business. Business owners should work harder and change their business model. Just like workers, right?


A business cant bear an extra $5 a week for someone to vacuum their shop? Hahaha


Says the guy arguing that people need to work in poverty because the poor business owner.


Well first people like you and Zantax want to pay the absolute minimum you can and expect people to work their hardest. And second ever hear of this thing called a raise?


As a professional internet poster I’m not sure how the real world works. 20% you say? Pretty generous.


Healthcare is a mess right now and clearly needs to be addressed. The last thing any business owner needs is an unhealthy employee or a healthy employee worrying about their unhealthy loved one.