Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business




Why do you guys look at economics in such oversimplified ways? If a business isnt profirable then tough on them too. But guess what? We’ve had minimum wage laws for a VERY long time - yet, businesses still exist. Arent ya’ll bragging about the Trump economy? Yes, we all understand. Business exists to make profit. Workers exist to make a wage or salary. They use revenue to pay for operating costs. Workers use wages to pay for living costs. Can we have a real conversation here? What should the minimum wage be and/or should it exist.


From the business owners perspective. Its a two way street. People work for businesses to help their own lives, by getting paid for work. The 2 way street apparently doesnt exist for you. The worship and victimhood of the business owner here is hilarious. You guys act like business owners own people


having something around for a long time is not justification for its existence.


So if you want good workers you have to pay good.


Its proof that such law isnt as damaging as you claim it is


no we dont. we act like the opposite. employees have the choice to work there or not. if they do, then they do what the owner wants them to do. if they are asked to do something they hate, they can leave. or put up with it to get paid. if they want to do more than scrub urinals for min wage then they can self promote. and so on


no it is not.

theres no way to determine how many other jobs did not exist or how much less businesses reaped without such laws over the decades


And business have a choice to stay open, change their business model, or close after minimum wages go up. Cry me a river. We all have choices.


Weird, yet here you are arguing that it would :laughing:


If you’re still addressing minimum wage after all of these years, then obviously you can logically conclude…it didn’t solve what ever problem was being addressed by government. It’s just kicking the can down the road, year after year. Maybe now it should be removed and allow the free market to determine the balance necessary for the best interests of all. Then…lower taxes to everyone by the amount spent in government to monitor and implement these ridiculous programs? Is that real enough?


yes correct. but everyone instantly gets paid the same min wage. so where’s the incentive to stand out by doing well?

one of my personal arguments against min wage


those arent choices son

those are called “consequences”

see how much you are learning?


Ya totally lets let business owners pay people $1 an hour. Great plan.


Yes they are. Businesses have a choice to stay open or not. Hilarious. I guess “choice” only applies to workers. Poor business owner victims.





You say there is no way to know what would happen in the past if minimum wage was removed. Yet, here you are arguing it should be removed


so owners who cant afford to pay the new min wage have the “choice” to go out of business?

lol. umkay


Poor business owners not being able to feed off poverty


wow…your business wouldn’t offer them $2? Then the guy across the street says wow…I can get that hard working person for $3/hr. What happened to the first business? He had to decide, is he going to now raise wages to $4 and get that valued employee back or…is there someone else waiting in line to do this job at $1/hr? Golly…isn’t the free market cool?