Million bucks for four limos? Sure why not

The White House reportedly paid nearly $1 million to rent four limousines from an Irish funeral home for President Trump’s two-day visit to Ireland.

The Trump administration paid the family-owned JP Ward & Sons $935,033 — or $233,748 per vehicle — for the fleet, The Guardian reports.

It’s unclear what the fleet of limousines will be used for, but if Trump visits the village of Doonberg — which sits near his hotel and golf resort in Ireland — it will cost a combined total of $116,879 per mile,

So…everything they mocked about Obama this sack of ■■■■ has done…

I’m over it…you elected white trash and this is what you get…this is what you get which you thought you got with obama…

America deserve this…all of this. I hope the stupidity hurts…

doesn’t the President normally use their own transportation due to safety issues?


Which leads me to assume these limos are for other people.

They are…which means they arent safe…

Your Common Man Working Class tax dollars at work.

That’s some serious negotiating.

Another question would be why was he at a golf course in Ireland?

All 65 guest room at Buckingham were occupied so he couldn’t stay there.

No apparently the reason he couldn’t stay there: all the guest rooms were being renovated contemporaneously!!!

I am no fan of Lizzie; I get the impression she didn’t want Trump staying there.

Fiscal conservatives will be here to complain about wasted tax dollars.

AOC wil complain as well.

Do you have any laws in the USA that would preclude a sitting President providing a pecuniary benefit to a business owned by that President?

We need a Trump worshiper to explain this away.

Notice not a single of the young royals allowed themselves to be pictured with him?

How much does a limo cost to buy? Less than $233,748, I’m guessing? Must be some special limos. Maybe they come with their own Stormy style entertainment.

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He had to travel like 2 miles

So in one trip he has cost taxpayer more then his entire pay as president to date? brilliant

4 Likes got Trump a good deal on hotel, airfare, and limos.

But he donated it remember!

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How could I not?

He probably won’t pay the bill anyway. It’s all good.