MIKE’S MONEY: Bloomberg Spends $124 MILLION on Super Tuesday, 10 TIMES His Top Rivals

Originally published at: MIKE’S MONEY: Bloomberg Spends $124 MILLION on Super Tuesday, 10 TIMES His Top Rivals | Sean Hannity

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg is poised to drop more than $124 million in 14 states ahead of the Super Tuesday primary contests on March 3rd; spending 10 times more than his top Democratic rivals.

“Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, has also poured millions into ground operations in Super Tuesday states. In Colorado, where voters already are casting primary ballots by mail, he has a paid staff of 55 people; Sanders has two,” reports MSN.

“For nearly three months, Bloomberg has been the only Democrat to devote most of his travel to those states, which include California, Texas and North Carolina. His opponents are still scrambling to gain traction in contests on Saturday in Nevada and Feb. 29 in South Carolina. Bloomberg is skipping those races, as he did earlier in Iowa and New Hampshire,” adds the website.

Bloomberg qualified for the next Democratic Debate Tuesday morning, gaining 19% of support nationwide in a last-minute poll conducted by PBS.

“The former New York City mayor and 2020 presidential candidate qualified for the Nevada Democratic presidential primary debate at the last minute, notching 19 percent support in a Marist, Newshour and NPR/PBS poll, the fourth national poll to put him above the 10 percent mark since Jan. 15. That means the billionaire, who has spent more than $400 million of his fortune on advertising, meets the polling threshold set by the DNC for the debate,” reports Fox News.

🚨🚨🚨 NEWS: ⁦@MikeBloomberg⁩ qualifies for Nevada debate, hits 19% in latest national poll: https://t.co/mL8zKbPaVm

— Galia Slayen (@gslayen) February 18, 2020

Mike Bloomberg is a billionaire who thinks he can drop a bunch of money and buy an election.

I believe in grassroots funding, grassroots organizing, and grassroots democracy. If you think this is the right way to campaign, chip in and join us: https://t.co/d69Vo1sp5E pic.twitter.com/dUAR0bi7Sp

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) February 15, 2020

Fading presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren ripped the former New York City Mayor on social media; saying the businessman believes he can “drop a bunch of money and buy an election.”

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Source: MSN