MIKE POMPEO: Russians Have Been UNDERMINING Western Elections for DECADES | Sean Hannity

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threw more cold-water on the left’s full-fledged meltdown surrounding President Trump’s historic Helsinki summit Friday, saying the Russian government has attempted to “undermine democracy” for decades.

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POMPEO: “Russian government has attempted to “undermine democracy” for decades.”

The Secretary of State has nailed it…

This is a fact these Leftist want you
to be lost on since it easily gives way and reason as
to how and why there are so many Socialist now popping up, gathering here and leaching off of the
United Sates of America, while continuing to attempt the undermining of the political arena, much like illegal immigrants and ill intentioned asylum seekers do.

DemonKKKrat’s have been steadily working to get GOVT to consider anyone else opposed to them to be a grave threat while they go along designating and categorizing people into awarded protected classes who’s only purpose to them is to serve as an offset vote to our Nation’s constitutional interest.

Folk’s the Nation’s enemy is Socialism, it’s here
and growing, the DemonKKKrat seeded the party, protected it and has allowed it to take a foothold from the get go. They have been the Trojan Horse host for this Nation’s socialist insurrection since the very beginning.


They’re still denying the Law of the Land that wouldn’t
let them keep thier slaves and since then have decided to
engage in political espionage. Why do you think they promoted Islam so much in there last office holdings…?

Let me say it again, Leftist here want to surplant the American Constituionally minded officials with anyone they can who oppose our Nations founding Forefathers “Right” wing fundamentals and principalities.

They’ve always wanted the rest of America to loose thier rights because their own slaves were taken away 150 yr.s ago…


Then you realize that although the Civil War was won by the North, it’s never been over, it was inappropriatly ended and much work was left behind that still needs to be done.
Like a mulligan, it’s inevitable and before too long
we’re going to be forced to clean up this mess or continue to suffer due
to such sloppiness…