Mike Pompeo Needs to Be Fired

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I’m so disappointed…

I don’t remember that…

Trump loves Kim who comits the worst crimes against humanity. He is ejecting from Syria where Assad, Putin and Iran are controlling the show, all of have committed crimes against humanity. He’s handing over Afghanistan to the Taliban who have committed crimes against humanity. He supports Saudis who have committed crimes against humanity.

He does so all so he can protect Americans.

It’s peace for us. Violations of human rights for everyone else.

Here’s Obama schooling Romney on how the 80’s are over and Russia is not the big threat Romney claimed. We all saw it, yet most of the dems have already forgotten.

Bill Clinton must have really love the leader of NK… He sent them billions… Trump has sanctions all over them.

And I don’t remember any leftist complaining about NK… Because NK is a socialist state. Might have been one…Somewhere.

That’s some selective memory.
This might help:

Sanctions which he wants desperately to lift as long as Kim stops nuclear weapons programs. Notice, Trump has never demanded he stop violating human rights.

Trump doesn’t care about the people of North Korea.

And for the record, it’s a lie to state Clinton sent North Korea money. He sent food and heating oil but never money.

Thanks for keeping up. I’m in between auctions and waiting for a 3:00 appointment. My ADD is kicking in and so…bam…here I am.

Twitter junk? No thanks…

I didn’t like the source, but the video is the video so deny it if you must. It’s still selective memory.

Did Clintons efforts help the people? No…it propped up the regime. Trump has and is doing more to change NK than anyone, ever…

Just tell us what’s in it… Must be an article with the same stuff. Post that…

And there is something wrong with this doctrine, how exactly?

I already did. You responded saying you don’t remember that happening.

The video just shows what you don’t remember.

I’m not wasting time looking for another source you won’t look at.

What has changed in North Korea for North Koreans?

At best it ignores and at worst promotes crimes against humanity.

We have zero ability to claim any moral high ground.

After Trump, America will never be able to claim the high ground again.

He has single handily destroyed American Exceptionalism.

No, unfortunately he is a realist and no amount of badgering will reduce the tensions until, Mr. Pompeo finds their hot buttons…which he is doing. Your so-called analysis is adolescent.

Their own cash you mean. Ya gotta give to reach a deal.