Mike Pompeo Needs to Be Fired

Add another to the list of absolutely abysmal human beings in the administration, as he said this:


Remember too, North Korea behaves very differently. They’re not destabilizing Yemen. They’re not destabilizing Syria. They’re not conducting enormous assassination campaigns. These countries’ behaviors are different, therefore, the way America is approaching resolving this.

He has forgotten when Kim Jong Un used a WMD in an airport to kill a man, tortured an American Student to Death, launches tons of rockets, and initiated multiple cyber attacks.

Just like Trump, he’s a compromised traitor.

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Hm… I always thought the point of a WMD was that it didn’t kill one man but destroyed cities with millions of people.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

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Kim Jong Nan (his brother) was killed with this:

The danger of VX, in particular, lies in direct exposure to the chemical agent persisting where it was dispersed, and not through its evaporating and being distributed as a vapor (i.e. it is not a “vapor hazard”). VX is considered an area denial weapon due to these physical and biochemical characteristics.[8] As a chemical weapon, it is categorized as a weapon of mass destruction and is banned by the Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993,[9] where production and stockpiling of VX exceeding 100 grams (3.53 oz) per year is outlawed.

All he is saying, is give peace a chance…

Pompeo has to tread lightly with his boss’ loverboy

The Interview is entirely about taking a harsh stance against Iran.

Do you feel silly? You should.

Pompeo is a “yes” man. No spine whatsoever.

I pointed out how much the left has changed since before Trump and we want Iran to not be a tyranny growing in power. That’s why Trump has not shipped them cash on pallets…

Yep. Be nice to despots and war criminals if they say they won’t kill Americans.

That’s the Trump doctrine.

I hear Kim treats his people very well. The best.

Obama was harshly criticized for even considering doing the very thing Pompeo and Trump want to do now.

Don’t you think that is hypocritical?

Pompeo is just Trump’s chogy boy who does what he’s told.

If Hypocrisy could kill, there wouldn’t be any Republicans still living right now.

Much fewer Democrats as well, to be fair.

Yeah…the OP would do a much better job as Secretary of State than this former army officer, CIA Director, Congressman, 1st in his class at West Point and JD degree from Harvard…flunky. :roll_eyes:

At least I wouldn’t be pretending North Korea is a hunky dory place because Kim said nice things to the egotistical moron in charge.

There, there, there…it’s Friday…calm down…and I hope you “feel” better.

If Obama or Hillary were kissing up to King Jong Un the way Trump seems to be, there would be a 24/7 coverage about this on Fox News and articles of impeachment would be on their way.

I remember when meeting with NK without preconditions was verboten among the right.

The left hasn’t changed, they just traded places with you.

What the Op is saying is it’s ok for Democratic presidents to call for peace but not republicans the parties positions have done a 180. The left now want war with Russia and N.K.

I can’t believe you forgot Ol’Flexible already. And why is Maduro so upset at the US. Who propped up Cuba with trade? lol!