Midterms are Referendum on Trump Presidency: Must vote for Republicans even if RINOS

Sean Hannity had Steve Bannon on today discussing the importance of winning the midterms to the Trump agenda.

If our Senators and congressmen are RINOS we still must vote for them

We can’t let Democrat Media manipulate us into staying home. Its all psyops. They will report on RINOS betraying Trump and colluding with Democrats.

We must hold our nose and still vote for them if they are on the Republican Ticket.

If we win the midterms Democrats will turn on each other and destroy their party. They are barely holding it together now. After we win the midterms, we can weed out the RINOS for 2020.

We must win the midterms or all the progress Trump made will be rolled back.

Frame 22:00 begins the strategy discussion with Steve

Principal is a word that only applies to very few on the right now. It’s become clear who has sold their souls for short-term victories.


Ya vote for rinos lol

Liberty, Freedom is at stake. Letting the deranged take over government is ending free speech. Their violence can then be governmentalized. They won’t have to harass us in Diners, the IRS will come get us.

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I loves Republican RINOS, yo!

Hate to be a downer. But a don’t have to vote for anyone.

I agree with almost all of Trumps policies, but I won’t vote for him.

He’s not an example of the type of person that I think needs to be elevated to represent our nation.

It’s one thing to vote for a person then find out they were an immoral dirtball after the fact. But that wasn’t the case. We knew he was a dirt bag ahead of time.

And right along those same lines. I don’t care if a republican is a moral saint. If they are a b.a.d. (Basically a Democrat) republican, they also will never receive my vote.

Rinos and Trump both fail my criteria.


Trump isn’t a dirtball. He’s a typical American male for his generation. Raised a great family which proves he is a moral man.

The disinformation about him was a psyop, and it worked with a significant number of people, evidently you are one of them.

He’s followed the constitution, neither Hillary nor Obama did that. They were subverting it, that was immoral to the extreme.

How many wives has he cheated on?

No. The man is an immoral dirtball who’s policies I happen to agree with.

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There are silver linings to winning the midterms. The coup attempt will fail, and the AG and FBI can go after Establishment corruption. As the Democrat party splinters into small deranged groups that hate each other, Trumps AG and FBI can finally get the Clintons and the rest of the Establishment that sold this country out.

In 2020 the RINOs will be out, or pleading they are reformed. We can purge them from our ranks and enact the Trump era of unprecedented peace and prosperity will begin.

Don’t care. That’s a psy-op. It worked on all Republican candidates until Trump. That’s why media is so deranged, they refuse to believe the usual tricks they use to defeat conservatives, won’t work.

If the Access Hollywood tape didn’t sink Trump, its because all his personal foibles are forgiven.

We Evangelicals love Trump, he is restoring our right to practice our religion unmolested by Government, and free speech.

Those rioting against Conservatives now, will turn on Democrats when they lost the midterms. The violence they use against us, they will use against moderate Democrats.

Their party of hate and tyranny, will be over.

You claim to be a Christian but don’t care about your leader practicing infidelity. This is hilarious


Psy-ops : the new “cognitive dissonance”.

Trump didn’t raise his family. He didn’t raise jack ■■■■. He was off opening crappy casinos and trying to get laid and doing one line cameos on crappy sitcoms.

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The battle lines are being drawn, ultra leftist socialist against the few remaining “traditional Democrats.”

And hate groups are never satisfied, they keep finding things to hate, like their own allies. The leadership has opened Pandora’s box of identity politics thinking they could hold it all together. But once some feels they are wronged because of their race…and you aren’t that race, you become an enemy too

It’s a small price to pay to finally be allowed to say merry Christmas again. :christmas_tree:

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Well they haven’t been able to say it for 8 years. :joy:

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■■■■■■■■. My father is of Trumps generation and he is a great man. Trump doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as a man like my dad. Trump makes my dad sick.

Separation of church and state, not voting for pope or bishop. Voting for a President who is (as everyone has seen) just as flawed as the rest of us.

But he asked for forgiveness, and Christians are big on redemption, forgiveness.

So my claim to be Christian is verified by my support for Trump.

I would forgive you also, if you repented from all those sins you keep hid. But unlike Trump, you don’t have tens of thousands of leftist investigators pouring over your entire life, to reveal every little sin you are guilty of , do you?

Would it be a long list?

Mine would, but 40 years ago God forgave me all that. One of those sins was Marxism, and sloganeering against God as a good leftist does.

Dearest Alfie, do not lose hope! You yourself post tirelessly of the chaos and disarray amongst the Demonic Democrats, whilst the Righteous Republicans continue to rally in sacred solidarity around our Jesus-approved Dear Leader Donald! We shall emerge from this Dark Night of the Electorate stronger, more conservative, and more bigly than ever, but only if we don’t give into speculation and panic! Hold fast, #1 Trump Trooper - WE SHALL OVERCOME

Trump has never asked for forgiveness. As a matter of fact he claimed he didn’t have to.

He is flawed but he is not like the “rest” of us. I haven’t cheated multiple times on my wife. I haven’t cheated contractors out of their money. I haven’t cheated students out of their money or financial aid.

Trump isn’t getting more scrutiny than any other president… it is just that he has more dirt available to scrutinize than any other president. There is a difference

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Raised a great family…proves nothing. Bill Cosby, ring a bell…great family man on and off camera…just because a man raises a family…doesnt mean he’s moral.