Mid-Term Election Prediction Thread

With all the terrible news going on in the US lately, thought it would be a nice diversion.

Next Tuesday, Nov 6th is the 2018 midterm elections. There’s been cries of Blue Wave and Red Tsunami. With all 435 Congressional seats up for grabs, and 35 Senate seats, as well as 36 governor seats, its going to be a busy night.

Using whatever website you wish to check out the latest races, crack out that crystal ball, dust it off, and make a prediction or two. What will the morning of Nov 7th look like? Lib tears? Angry Trump tweets?

And if there are any specific elections you hope turn in your favor, point them out.

My prediction -

Republicans maintain control of Senate with 54 seats
Democrats regain control House with 228 seats

Special election - VA-7 - Abigail Spanberger defeats Dave Brat.

Closest would get Hannity bragging rights as the most awesomest predictioner ever (or at least until 2020).

Things were already looking grim for Republicans before their standard bearer spent the last week or so shooting the party in the foot in the wake of national incidents and then going out of his way to alienate immigrants.

Democrats win control of the House with 240 seats.
Senate stays in the hands of the GOP by a narrow margin…with 51 seats.

here is a cool website which will track a lot of the results

407 things I am watching on November’s ballot: Congress & Governors—and also referenda, Supreme Courts, legislative control, DAs & sheriffs, and more! Prepared by Daniel Nichanian (@Taniel). Notes here are my own and don’t represent an organization.


I predict disappointment, bitterness, and perhaps bloodshed, because America isn’t allowed to have nice things anymore.


Republicans => 53
Democrats => 45
Independents => 2


Republicans => 209
Democrats => 226


Republicans => 24
Democrats => 26

Upset Specials: Nevada or Georgia