Mick Mulvaney: i only met with lobbyists that paid me

Mich Mulvaney,heat of teh CFPB and trumps budget director said in an interview “If you’re a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn’t talk to you. If you’re a lobbyist who gave us money, I might talk to you.”

talk about pay for play. so much for draining the swamp. Its bad enough that mulvaney as head of the CFPB does the bidding of the large banks but now he admits to basically pay for play.
between ethically challenged pruitt at EPA, Mulvaney here and trumps pick for teh VA its pretty obvious trump is a very poor at pickign people for jobs

Points for honesty I guess?

So funny the way trump and his followers and supporters ignore this blatant admission of swamp action.

Meh, as long as Kim Jong Dummy is making america white again…

Drain the swamp in order to refill it with even worse swamp monsters. I’m surprised Mulvaney admitted it though. The hearings in the house are going to be epic next year if the predicted blue wave materializes and the Dems retake the house.

Or he might not talk to you. Nothing burger…

Dems have nothing to run on, so small chance they will take back the house.

Keep telling yourself that. Dems are out-performing 2016 results in the special elections this year by around 17%. Lots of Republicans retiring due to ill-health, aka The voters are sick of them.

Between the redistricting in PA and voters in NJ, NY and CA that are being screwed by the new tax law, that’s enough right there to flip the house.

You mean dems are going to run on lowering taxes in Cal and NY…lol!

Are republicans going to run on having raised taxes in CA and NY.

If you live in a high tax state and own a house and pay high state taxes and have no dependents your taxes are probably going to be higher this year than last.

But I thought dems liked high taxes…

Nobody likes high taxes. Nice straw man.

So, the dems will run on lowering taxes?

They are going to run against a bad tax law that is a giveaway to the rich and corporations and does very little for everyone else.

Got to go. I need go catch a gopher.

i remember how Clinton was gonna be all about pay for play and it was a big deal. Ole mick makes these people look like lying hyperbolic assholes…Maybe america will learn not to listen to these chickens with their heads cut off.

I think we need to take money out of politics completely. Publicly funded elections. No private money. Overturn Citizens United. The reason there is such a low turnover rate in congress is because incumbents have such a huge fundraising advantage.

Hell, I thought republicans were about lowering the national debt.

Btw, where is the Tea Party and those politicians now?

Tax cuts are paying for themselves…

That’s really the only way to fix the problem. Then the money men would have to illegally funnel money to the politicians (like is happening in AAU basketball) and we’d just lock them up.

Oh. Didn’t realize we are using the Fox News line.

Checked the deficit and debt lately?

They are high, but that’s not the tax cuts… That’s structural because of entitlements.