Michigan school shooting

Certainly you can do better than that.

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First thing that needs to happen is an assault rifle ban.

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If it’s anything like the school I went to the kid will only get bullied harder.

Kids hate snitches.


Or be shunned.



You know we could try teaching kids how to fight back properly.

We had this gay kid in my grade. Real flamboyant. He got bullied hard. One day one of the main bullies pushed him on the ground. He got up, dusted himself off, and then beat the hell out of the guy who pushed him down.

No one ever bullied him again for the rest of our time at high school.


Nah…We need more guns. Especially for those that can’t deal with confrontation.

He’s 15, not 5. Think about it.

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Yeah, but just guns that go “Pew”. Not “Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!”


Who is “we”?

How’s that working out?

What’s your solution?

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We’ll find out in about a year.

Yeah. Some kids just deserve to be bullied.

Is there a law stating this?
If not, then no basis for charges directly related to the firearm.

That said, if the gun was not secured, and ammo left with/in the gun then the Father SHOULD face charges that are appropriate.


No kid deserves to be bullied.

But it happens and it will always happen.

The only thing that stops it is a punch to the face.



From the presser I heard earlier today from the Sheriff, there was no documentation of any bullying by or against this kid. Not saying there wasn’t, just saying according to the Sheriff he asked specifically for this and was told no record of any.

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What kind of “record” would there be?