Michigan requests hydroxychloroquine from national stockpile to treat COVID-19

I’ve read this article…these people were not treated as a preventative.

They were treated after they already had it.

It’s a different question altogether to say it’s safe and efficacious to use to avoid infection altogether.

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What the letter literally actually says, except I didn’t type out the full names of the drugs.:

“Prescribing hydro…. or chloro… without further proof of efficacy for treating COVID-19 or with the intent to stockpile the drug may create a shortage for patients with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or other ailments for which chloro… or hydro… are proven treatments.”

Perhaps there is more than one letter?
Otherwise I am at a loss to explain the difference.


The difference is the first paragraph of the letter explains the practices that were undertaken that caused the writing of the letter.

The rest of it is a description of best practices for off-label use of drugs.

A valid medical use would have been participation in the clinical trials that are going on or even as a therapy of last resort…which is documented whenever a physician prescribes something off-label. A non-valid use would have been prescription of the drug as a prophylactic or as a first wave of treatment.

A non-valid use would have been prescribing it to friends, family, etc just because.

It was clear the state wanted to crack down on the types of prescriptions outlined in the first paragraph of the letter, and still wanted to prioritize the use of the drug for the diseases for which it was approved…which is what you always do while you have a scarce supply.

Now that the emergency use authorization has been granted by the FDA (which isn’t the same as approving the drug against COVID btw) and supplies have been ramped up, this is all moot.

But I’m sure they’ll still crack down on self-prescription and prescriptions for family, friends and co-workers because that’s what they were most concerned about.

No you do not recall correctly. That isn’t even remotely close to what she did.

There are many thousands of doc’s and other HCW’s around the world currently taking hydroxychloroquine at the 200-400mg dose as a prophylactic.

The protocol originated in China had has been used throughout the world as the disease has spread and ravaged medical staffs.

How many data points are required before something is true?

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She’s an idiot. So is her public health director and state emergency response coordinator all of whom have failed miserably since day one.

She wasn’t even bright enough to submit a request for a disaster declaration before whining about a lack of FEMA responding to the crisis they created on their own.

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You’ve been parsing and rewriting her letter for more than a dozen posts.

Just quit.

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