Michigan Man of the Year

trumps claims he was given this award. Problem is, this award doesn’t even exist.

25th Amendment.

Nah…hes just a good old fashioned pathological liar.

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But Clinton or some such bollocks.

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Easy mistake. He actually won the Heisman while playing running back for Michigan a few years ago.


He was in 2016. They had a statewide vote and everything. He beat the competition by a landslide. Where you been?

At least the apologists don’t lack creativity.


The next head coach to beat The Ohio State University Buckeyes!!!

“All rise for Michigan!”

why 25th amendment?

Oh Hell no

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Cause they’re grasping at straws.

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Dude, they just won posters of the year awards, they’ve earned it.

Thnk man. You can make the connection. Pretend it’s Obama.

i never felt or promoted that the 25th be applied to obama

why here?

10,000 votes (.23%) =/= “landslide”

Someone get Margaret Thatcher on the line and we’ll clear this right up.

Just in the past 3 days:

  • Wants to buy Greenland? :rofl:
  • He was Michigan man of the year. :rofl::rofl:
  • Fat donald called one of his supporters “fatso”. Didn’t apologize.
  • Fat donald making fun of a congresswoman’s grandmother.


The 25th remains a pipe dream, but I think he’s playing with way less than a full deck.

Odd, that doesn’t look like he is making fun of her grandmother.


What did you get out of that official statement?

Nope. The only other man that ran was Gary Johnson.

2,279,543 to 172,136