Michelle Obama calls on teachers to help students register to vote

Well, finally, some uplifting, nonpartisan political news.

Good job by the former First Lady. Getting young people involved in politics early can only help them shape the country the way they want (since they’ll be our age one day and in charge).


Young people are often so brainwashed by years of liberal indoctrination from public schools that they don’t know better than to vote for Democrats. This is the entirely wrong demographic that should be encouraged to come out to vote. We need to get the rural vote energized. We need old people to vote in greater numbers than ever before. If I had my way the voting age would be risen to 60 so that Democrats never get in power again.


I was going to say since they’re the ones mainly getting screwed over. Tomato Toemahto.

register 3rd graders… president Spongebob

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This is 9 kinds of wrong.

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I think that this is a great idea.

Part of Senior Year civics class should be registering to vote.


They don’t teach civics. It’s a horrible idea.




Do your children vote?

The Conservative Mind ladies and gentlemen: registering young people to vote is “wrong.”


Really, please list all nine.

Yes it is. If they want to register they can go do it.

Weird stuff.

Now, I guarentee these same people get their own children to vote as soon as they’re legal.


And there you have it.

Mine do. I took them to the polls with me when they were little and now that they’re grown we go and vote together.

You said there were nine, so let’s see them.

You’re killing me Bob.

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You brought it up. You did it to yourself.

Oh, never mind. We both know it’s a good thing to register people to vote.

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