Michael T. Flynn vs Mark Milley

Mike Flynn was crucified and went trail. Liberal lit their hair on fire when President Trump pardoned him.

Dimocrats and liberals circle their wagons on Mark Milley.

Something is wrong with this situation.

Milley allegedly tells the Chinese he will tip them if attack is imminent. So, they can launch a first strike?

This deserves to be fully investigated.
We had Clinton’s raiders launch a fake Dossier against a sitting President and a lot of Dimocrats fully supported it.

The bull ■■■■ is so deep.

(If) the story is true it’s way worse than Flynn.


You got that right. We need to make sure it did or did not happen.

That is a big “if”. We need to objectively get to the truth. Not circling the wagons.


they’ll get right to the narrative.



If it does come out he called the CCP to warn them he should resign or be court martialed. Not to mention everyone else that was around the admin at the time is saying the allegation of attacking China was never on the table and is ludicrous. So if true why! Would be the question sound likes a whole lot more people privy to that information is saying that was never a possibility.

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Mike Flynn, last seen literally calling for a military coup in America. lol


Wasn’t he also calling for declaring martial law in order to overturn a valid election?

Why yes, yes he was.


Yeah but just a couple months ago he called for a coup “like Myanmar” publicly. The backlash was so bad he was forced to wildly backtrack.


That’s one strong fake news addiction you have there…

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Milley, last seen carrying one out successfully.


Lol even you don’t believe that.


Yes, I do, don’t know what else to call the military seizing control of the military but a military coup.

Milley was leading his own coup while colluding with Pelosi and the Chinese Communists.

Who is in control in Washington now? President Biden, President Xi, or some unelected generals and deep state officials?

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Except that didn’t happen. Dude made a phone call.

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Maybe it has something to do with becoming closely associated with a political movement that advocates for the military takeover of the government and the public execution of their political enemies.

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No, he did more than that, he procured oaths of personal fealty.

Lol I don’t know how long Bob Woodward has to promote his books like this, only for it to come out and immediately not be that big a deal, before you guys catch on.

He’s been doing this for like forty five years, every two or three years.

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When can we expect denials from the principles?