Michael Scheuer says it's "quite near time" for Trump supporters to kill Trump opponents

"Finally, this week saw a significant and quickening advance toward the moment when those millions of well-armed citizens who voted for Trump, and who have been abused or wounded by Democrats, their Antifa-thugs, and their thug-civil servants for exercising their franchise to elect Trump, cannot be, in good conscience, patient for much longer.

Fortunately, they have in hand a long and very precise list of the names and photographs of those who hate and threaten them, their families, their way-of-life, their liberty, their livelihoods and their republic. No self-respecting and determined-to-remain-independent citizenry can let themselves forever be held hostage by thug-civil-servants like Strzok, Comey, McCabe, Page, and Rosenstein; worshipers of tyranny, like the Democratic members of Congress, the Clintons, the FBI, and the Obamas; apparent traitors like Brennan, Hayden, and Clapper; all of the mainstream media; and the tens of thousands of government-admitted-and-protected, violent, criminal, and illegal immigrants."


You know someone will bring up the baseball shooting…

Sweet. Calling for the murder of fellow citizens due to political disagreement. That’s classy. But hey, I think we all knew that Trumpism would inevitably work its way there.

Any other elected President and his supporters who face the coup d’état of the deep state would do just that.

But unlike the deep state, we are Americans. And we are trusting that the system our founding fathers put in place will render such combat unnecessary.

For 8 years of the Obama presidency I received begging letters from organizations telling me Obama was going to declare martial law and overthrow the constitution, and that there’d be Civil War.

And of course they wanted at least $3 to help combat that.

But it was clear from Day One that if anyone is going to overthrow the Constitution and declare martial law, it’s going to be Trump. And as you prove, his supporters will be all for that.

We’re going to turn intro Lebanon with business-suited idiots with machine guns sniping at each other as they aim at everyone in high rises.

Are cities will be turned into rubble.

And you call that “combat”? I call that suicide.

The guy also said:

He didn’t stop there. “In a later blog post, published July 17,” says The Inquisitr, “Scheuer accuses ‘Israel and wealthy Jewish-Americans’ of conspiring to ‘destroy the Western tradition, manipulate U.S. elections, and to tear American society apart.’”

Do you blame the Jews too, Ish?

If Michael Scheuer is representative of the average Trump militia member who “cannot be, in good conscience, patient for much longer” then I would say the “civil war” will last less than a day… More PT Michael, less mouth…


I said nothing about Jews. But bring on the threads and posts about Israel and you libs won’t find more fervent support of Israel then what I post.

Come on. Bring it on buddy. You libs hate Israel.

Pretty much. Republicans are used to having all their grievances handled for them. Once they find out there’s no beer tent in this civil war it’s not gonna go very far.

Man, this guy went full blown insane. I thought he was getting wacky in the early 2000s, sheesh.

I’m quite sure you don’t even know why you support Israel.

Translating from Trumpanian: “We would be totally justified in using violence against you to protect the regime, but we’re above that because 'Murica. So thank your lucky stars.”

I’m just glad there are so many Jewish people in US media and entertainment/Hollywood.

Dems better not be using no funny tricks this election. If we decide Dirty Dems are rigging the election by registering voters, or if the media isn’t treating us fair enough, it’s not out of the question to hold a redo election. Things won’t go your way when we get done kicking people off the voter roles.

“You know someone will bring up the baseball shooting…”

You can believe what is or this claprattle tinfoil hat inciteful conspiracy garbage Ms. Middle just published. Can’t make brains. Carry on.

When you got no facts…make 'em up.

Did you ever apologize for the horrible financial advice you were dishing out here?

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I guess you didn’t get the memo. He declared marshal law on libs yesterday.

Also calling for asparagus. Nothing classier. Eat up and gobble down.

Gotta keep a lookout for those sneaky Trump militia members! No doubt Michael Snauer is representative. Yessir! And you’re in luck! So happens I have a patented Trump militia member detector I’m willing to let go cheap. I take only cash.