Michael Cohen's get out of jail free card revoked 🤣

I am going to nominate Michael Cohen for the “Retard of the Year” award.


He had one job.

Stay at home (other than specifically allowed under his terms of release).


Evidently that was too difficult for him and he was video taped at a restaurant in violation of his early release.

I hope that restaraunt meal was real tasty, cuz you going to be eating BoP slop from now on.



Not only that, it was reported that he also talked to reporters and was tweeting.
MSNBC had a former judge on today and he said it pretty simply. When does anyone in prison get to tweet, talk to reporters or go out for a dinner? I think it should be more like “Retard of the Century” award.


And at a time when many people are having to stay at home anyway because of covid-19.

what an ■■■■■■■■

Step 1: Don’t. Whatever it is, just don’t.

Michael failed step 1.

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Glad we can all agree he’s a stupid ■■■■■■■■ Donald Trump’s personal lawyer ■■■■■■■■ And a lawyer for two other people.


Well, Cohen is a Cooley graduate, so that is about the intelligence level you can expect.

Maybe they went too hard on him. Maybe they didn’t give him a chance, but that smirk was asking for wiping.

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Cooley is blocks from my house. They’ve gotten better.

well cohen is a trump associate and we know trump only hires the best…

This needs to be made clear. Cohen wasn’t a Trump associate. He was his personal lawyer!!! That really needs to sink in.

How so?

My daughter’s dear friend from childhood is engaged to a young man attending that college. I’m afraid all they think is “Oh he’s in law school! Dreamy!”

Better in the sense that acceptance rates have dropped dramatically. And it’s not the worst. 146th of 192 by US News. So come on. :grinning:
Cohen didn’t help us in the news damnit!! By the way, I do not work at Cooley, Just a more prestigious organization down the street. In East Lansing.

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