Michael Cohen to testify publicly before Congress

It was announced yesterday that Michael Cohen will testify publicly before the House Oversight Committee on Feb. 7. This will take place just before Cohen begins his three-year prison sentence. He said he will give “a full and credible account of the events that have transpired,”

There doesn’t seem to be any suggestion that there are topics he can’t discuss. I would assume there will be limits on what Cohen will say.

Trump, when asked for his reaction, says he’s not worried. Can’t wait to see that reaction as the time gets closer.

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F7 is going to be crazy!!!’

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This is going to be epic! Must see tv!

I think the CNBC link compares it to John Dean’s testimony at the Watergate hearings. I think I’d wait until after the testimony. I just hope there’s a lot from this.

I can’t wait til F7. I’m counting down the hours.



that’s funny…

Who had the he phone that was near Prague, I wonder.

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my money is on Don Jr.

I think I’m going to stock up on popcorn.

I would stay a mile away from that action. I’m thinking the exact same thing.

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