Michael Cohen Says Trump Repeatedly Used Racist Language in Private

Most successful people have been blatantly racist throughout history. Why mess with the formula when it works?

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These jamokes dont care they love hos bigoted side

The silence is deafening in here. We don’t know he said these unpopular things in private before he was born again as a Christian in January of 2016! And if he does say them, then I will at that time be able to say how I would feel about these theoretical things that he then would have said.


I have a feeling a lot of us are terrible people, IRL

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What difference would that make? Trump is a garbage person. Do you need some more confirmation of that?

He has been teaching me a lot lately, but I don’t think he’d be able to counter your point.

Funny how often Cohen taped Trump but never taped one word of racist statements, isn’t it?

How do you know what he did and didn’t tape?

Ummmm…he would have backed up his allegation with the tape?

Maybe the FBI has it.

Yes it is. I hear worse at work coming from the mouths of union Democrats. So I have to laugh when I read all of this righteous indignation coming from the left on message boards.

What’s your point? the POTUS isn’t one of your union coworkers.

Forget the POTUS. The point of my post was methinks the writing on these forums do not reflect the reality on the ground. But other than that I’m not going to worry about what someone might have said.

Nah, only racists say ■■■■ like that, trying to conflate it with cursing or vulgarity is a weak deflection.

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Are you unaware of the thread title?

That’s horrible!!! I’ll bet that same person often calls Whites-Caucasians and Asians- Asians.

would you vote for them for POTUS?

Wow. So trump really is a racist. It sure explinns the obsession with ttying to undo everything the first black president did. It explains his birtherism.

Oh wait, we already knew he was a racist with the ny5. Old news Cohen.

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On another site, the comments from Righties are split in half…one half that it’s fake news and the other half is the “so what, he’s right” side.

And yet, he’s your President.