Michael Cohen Says Trump Repeatedly Used Racist Language in Private

and on the other side we have


Ah, the good ol’ days.

He’ll always have the deplorable vote. Here’s hoping that some in the middle who held their nose while voting for Trump will be mending the error of their ways.

It’s honestly not fair to compare Obama and Trump. Obama is an adult, a great role model and good husband and father.

Trump is like some dude with a bunch of baby mommas from the projects or trailer park.


nothing else to do

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It seems so out of Trump’s character.


We’re probably gonna eventually find out that Pence and Kelly ran the country while Trump golfed, watched TV and campaigned.

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Successful people are blatantly racist?

After the Access Hollywood tape came out and nothing much changed, I don’t see how any of his supporters would care. Heck, if its bad enough and Liberals become shocked at the language, they may even like it.

Its not about whether the President is a bad person or a good person, the country can burn to the ground as long as it upsets Liberals.

That is all that honestly matters, it seems, to them.


but if he can be a bad person towards certain people then its bonus points for supporters

Read more of Cali’s posts. :slight_smile:

I wonder how many voters believe that Trump grabs ■■■■■ and is racist but plan on voting for him again?

A lot of people say things in private that aren’t popular. Do you think Bush didn’t? Obama? I would even put money on Jimmy Carter.

You need to hear audio before being able to answer whether you’d be shock if you heard it?

I don’t need a million dollars in front of me to know whether I want it or not.

That’s when you can really tell what they’re like.

It makes me wonder what posters say in private. Good stuff? Bad stuff?


Aren’t popular? That’s your evaluation of those statements?

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Very, very bad.

So screwed up, but so damn true.