Michael Cohen Flips


Speeding is on the same level as embezzling millions of dollars or secretly working for a foreign government?


Well…you have exactly zero evidence of this…


Nope. It is a civl infraction.


Finally, you admit to being a criminal…thanks


Yes, the Uranium Queen, bought 11 million in dirt from Putin…we all know that


He may announce that this entire investigation was about Hillary.

That’s the point. None of us know because he’s running it professionally. You’re just wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’.


Speeding tickets are civil infractions with regulatory violations, not criminal ones.


Obama hired many more criminals than Trump - the fact that none of Obama’s hires have been indicted is absolute proof of this!!

(just thought I’d save the Deep Cultists the effort of responding)


Trump should have her investigated then


He wouldn’t have hired the ENRON dirt bags, if he was honest…


Strzok in texts, admitted that Clapper was a key cog in all this, things are about to heat up! No wonder he has been quiet lately and told Brennan to shut up. Brennan is next.


The Obama and Bush administrations were as criminal as you can get. If they weren’t so criminal, then how do you explain the lack of guilty pleas during time in office? Trump’s Department of Justice actually goes after wrong doing. If Trump wasn’t so innocent of all wrong doing, then why is he allowing his government lawyers to go after so many people close to him?


Aww poor thing. You actually believe this…


If Documents show two things, he will close up , and has no choice!

  1. Carter Page was an FBI informant and was unmasked solely off Steele accusations about his trip to moscow. Now how would Steele know Page went to Russia? Cough Cough Bruce and Nellie Ohr, never mind the fact he was briefed and debriefed each time he went and came back. Im pretty sure the Ohrs told Steele that Page went to Russia to speak at a university, all well knowing he was an FBI informant, and told Steele to fabricate stuff up about that trip, so there could be probable cause to start an investigation into the trump campaign.
  2. We find out that all the Russians involved have direct ties to the Clintons, ( Cough Cough Glenn Simpson and Natalia Veselnitskya via Previzon Holdings). This investigation is not suppose to be about who or who did not pay taxes in 2004, its suppose to be about Russia collusion between Trump associates and Russia. Which would lead to Rosenstein and Sessions both being fired for incompetence in the work place.

My bet is door number one because Nellie is refusing to testify !


He is literally 0 for on every single one of his predictions to date. It’s actually quite amusing to see him continue to double down on the CEC memes again and again, only to be proven wrong again and again. :rofl:


I do, Nellie Ohr refusing to testify kinda proves my door number one theory.


So in the last two days we’ve had Trump Republicans (previously the party of family values and personal responsibility but not any more) say that Obama and Trump are similar morally and speeding makes people criminals (to cover for Trump and his team).

Trust me when I say that they’re no where near the bottom. They can go a zillion miles lower.


Cool, then you dont mind in waiting for next week to come do you?


Kinda got a big one yesterday!

Both of Fords witnesses under sworn deposition to the Senate judiciary yesterday said Kavanaugh never did what Ford Alleged. Looks like Dems making crap up again! Duke Lacrosse all over again.


Where are your beloved DNC on Ellison, Sherrod Brown and Cory Booker?