Michael Cohen Flips


Unless you’re inside the investigation, you’re just guessing.

But I do understand it’s important to push that. Kind of a last stand thing.


it’s also a projection of all the media stories the left’s heard for 2 years about how they got Trump now…LMAO!


Strzok already told us there is nothing there… and DC leaks like a sieve…


The anonymous shadow president is doing great.


The fantasies libs have to make up to stay sane is amazing…lol


A lib wrote that anonymous article? Does Trump hire liberals to his cabinet?


Speaking of fantasy’s… you are the one parroting the ridiculous notion that Cohen, Manafort and Flynn are meaningless to Trump.

Why does trump hire so many criminals?


They are only being prosecuted because they worked for Trump… Just like the left weaponized the IRS. “Show me the man,and I’ll find the crime” Those who know history have heard that before.


Also, you were speeding the other day, why are you a criminal?..


Why does he hire so many criminals? You didn’t answer the question. Saying all people commit crimes is not an answer.


Yes, the NYT made that up. Fake news, and fake author…


Oh, I nailed the answer…


Again, you’re just guessing. You could stumble into being right though. You still don’t know the inside info (due to it being run professionally).

Did anyone ever tell you that you sound just like Rush Limbaugh?


Speeding in California isn’t a crime… nice deflection


Speeding is not a crime? Then why the big fines. If this is an example of your reasoning, we know why you are a socialist…


any day now libby… Mueller will announce he found big foot, the Lochness monster and Russian collusion besides with Hillary…


Cool story, following the story where Strzoks texts are now implicating that Clapper was involved in all this Dossier and all the Fake Russia news leaks, and that Strzok was worried the Obama Admin was being too over zealous with the Russia investigation? Mueller is hurrying up, because he knows after next week with the documents unredacted, that he will have to close up his sham of an investigation.


No matter what is uncovered he won’t end, and the media will yawn… It’s not like they are searching for truth.


Next week you say? Bookmarking this doozy.


It’s usually a traffic violation unless you speed over a certain limit or in a certain area.

But that’s not important

Why does Trump hire so many criminals? Why didn’t Obama and Bush hire as many criminals?
Why are you ok with this?