Michael Cohen Flips


This is the one that will make fat donald quit.


Mueller has all of the financial goods. I think these were verification interviews.


That took long enough. What are you a government worker?


Sing Cohen, sing!


All along that’s where I thought Trump was dirty.


“Oh got him THIS time” in 3…2…1


He’s openly and blatanly ripping off tax payers right now, imagine what he’s done undercover for the last 10 years.


Yeah. His tax returns were probably marginally able to withstand the scrutiny of the IRS with the help of a fleet of lawyers.

He knew they couldn’t withstand the scrutiny of the crowdsourcing inherent in making them public, though.

His ties to Russian money will provide the necessary context to the Trump Tower meeting and other events and, indeed, those ties in isolation will be a real, real problem for him…and his children.


Hopefully within a short amount of time we can see this image come to life.

No pardons for state crimes, Trumpass punks!





Trump’s reaction from the golf course, after hearing the latest news on Cohen…


Where are the rabid trump supporters?


Getting their Fox News comfort food.


I hope he didn’t pay full price. Looks like that green was just plugged and sanded.


No surprise here but I am sure there is some sort of trumpslination for it…:joy:


Other than that, it’s noise… If it’s not connected to Trump, who cares about Cohen and Manafort, other than they are only being prosecuted because they were part of the Trump camp. Which we all should fear… But lefty loves an oppressive central state…


That’s a projection of Hillary lose and the left’s reaction… Trump is having a great time.


yep, it’s a “smooth running machine”. Nothing to see here people. Definitely not so much as a worry in Trump’s head I’ll tell you that right now.


Good point, that’s why the Dow is up and heading to 30K. Also Trump has really gotten the job down now. He looked great last night…