Michael Cohen Flips


According to who?

As for pay to play, the prosecutors seem to think it’s relevant to their case against him. Let’s see where it goes.


Everyone with a pulse including the Judge in the case.

The prosecutors are throwing everything at the wall that they can to see what sticks which is why the judge keeps chastising them for doing so.


Ah. Just a theory then.

The unreasonable Judge, who appears to be being a bit of an ass according to even conservative lawyers skeptical of the Mueller investigation.


There was no other reason for going after Manafort at all much less using a special prosecutor to do so.

They had tried to make a case against him a decade ago but after investigating it thoroughly they dropped it.

Their plan all along has been painfully transparent.


I agree he will be disbarred and likely end up doing some time as well.


I haven’t seen anything suggesting the latter but I can’t see any possibility he avoids disbarment.


He is being investigated for some of the same crimes Manafort is being tried for. Tax evasion, bank fraud, etc. And a slew of other potential crimes like campaign finance crimes. Should they find evidence of these crimes, then I suspect he will serve time. Federal prosecutions have a 92% conviction rate for a reason. They rarely bring cases to trial unless they pretty well have the person dead to rights.


but not connected to the Trump campaign…


Nothing Burgers… and yawn fries…


Are you putting on weight?


So, you’ve gone from, “not during the Trump campaign” to “not connected to the Trump campaign.”

This is good. Because it shows a slow but accelerating acceptance of the facts.

The dogged insistence that the Manafort charges were all 10 years ago and all previously dismissed by Rosenstein no longer holds water once you’ve accepted this fundamental fact about the current charges against Manafort.

Good news. We’ve made progress here. Good talk.


If it’s not related to the Russian’s who cares…


No, I’m not sitting at home hoping for an update from nothing burger land…


It’s just unsightly, that’s all.


The FEC is not “headed” by a single person.

It is led by a six-person, bipartisan commission - 3 Dems and 3 Republicans, and requires a 4-person majority for all decisions. One person cannot speak for the commission.


You should make that your logo. It’s all you care about.


OH ■■■■■

Mueller is going to ream Fat Donald HARD.


He flipped!!! He flipped!!! My thread title is now accurate!!!


its the little things


So Mueller and his band of patriots continue to pursue investigative lines that include…

Trump + Russia collusion

Obstruction of justice (offering pardons in exchange for silence)

Trump finances, including money laundering