Michael Cohen Flips


How would you know? Do you have any idea how many federal laws and regulations there actually are? I find it hard to believe you have them memorized.


Cohen’s attorney responds to Trump’s tirade.


They would have given it an ol’ college try, for damned sure.



Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Under Investigation for Tax Fraud
As legal pressures mount, Cohen’s bank loans are also under scrutiny by prosecutors

The legal pressures facing Michael Cohen are growing in a wide-ranging investigation of his personal business affairs and his work on behalf of his former client, President Trump.

In previously unreported developments, federal prosecutors in New York are examining whether Mr. Cohen committed tax fraud, people familiar with the investigation said.

Federal authorities are assessing whether Mr. Cohen’s income from his taxi-medallion business was underreported in federal tax returns, one of the people said. That income included hundreds of thousands of dollars received in cash and other payments over the last five years, the person said.

Prosecutors also are looking into whether any bank employees improperly allowed Mr. Cohen to obtain loans for which he didn’t provide adequate documentation, people familiar with the matter said. In particular, federal investigators are looking closely at Mr. Cohen’s relationship with Sterling National Bank—which provided financing for Mr. Cohen’s taxi-medallion business—including whether Mr. Cohen inflated the value of any of his assets as collateral for loans, according to people familiar with the matter.

Convictions for federal tax- and bank-fraud may carry potentially significant prison sentences, which could put additional pressure on Mr. Cohen to cooperate with prosecutors if he is charged with those crimes, according to former federal prosecutors.

So it looks as if Cohen may face some of the same charges as Manafort, who is looking more and more at a likely conviction, with Gates’ testimony and the bevy of evidence mounting against him. It seems the financial crimes will be what hangs these guys. Even if Cohen flips on Trump, he is still likely to see some prison time, assuming these charges are true.

Will it be the financial issues that will ultimately lead to Trump? The noose seems to be tightening each and every day around the President’s neck.


Nothing burgers… Oh, those tax forms. But Hillary bought Putin dirt on Trump…


It’s gets kind of sad to see the dems get all ginned up, and then…Nothing burgers with not fries. Over, and over, and over and over for 2 years…

Advanced TDS…


A very senior official of the Trump campaign, Trump inauguration, and Trump transition team just testified under oath that he and incredibly senior member of the Trump campaign willingly and willful committed crimes.



But not during the Trump campaign…


that is not what this trial is about


Not during the Trump campaign?

"By March 2016, Gates said that he was hired to work on a presidential election that Manafort was also working on. Gates did not name Trump.
In this time, Manafort’s company was still not earning any money, according to Gates’ testimony — he said that he was told that by the accountants that they worked with.
Gates said at the time he worked on the presidential campaign, his salary was paid by savings and investments from Manafort. Gates also received income from Map Global Holdings, a PR and movie production company; and ID Watchdog. "


Indeed, the bank fraud allegations include activities into 2017.


I am shocked to hear this, as just today our host said that this trial was about old charges dating back to 2004 and had nothing to do with the period during which Manafort was the campaign manager of Fat Donnie.


He blew that all to hell and will be disbarred before this is over.


Nearly all of the charges relate to activities and actions taken between 2008-2014. The bank fraud alleged in 2017 related to falsifying assets on loan documents.

None of them are related to any supposed unlawful activities or collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians.


Looks like they’re starting to creep into some campaign activity as well now.


"On Tuesday, an economic advisory council-related email chain mentioning Stephen Calk was discussed in court. Prosecutors said Manafort wrote in an email chain Gates was included in, “We need to discuss SC for Secretary of Army.”

Calk eventually did get a spot on Trump’s economic advisory council during the 2016 campaign, as American Banker reported, but there were some questions raised about how the CEO of the Federal Savings Bank in Chicago was named to this position in August 2016.

Manafort left the Trump campaign that same month but Gates stayed on. Prosecutors appear to be mentioning Calk in the context of the campaign because of a possible pay-to-play scenario. Calk doled out a $9.5 million mortgage to Manafort despite risks and was rewarded. Prosecutors alleged that this was due to Calk’s ambition."


And that has what to do with anything related to the supposed “Russian Collusion” or any illegal activity by the campaign?


Didn’t say it had anything to do with Russian collusion.

The prosecutors seem to think it’s relevant to the campaign.


The prosecutors are stretching to do anything they can to make their case.

In what way is it “relevant to the campaign”? What if any unlawful conduct does it point to on the Part of the Trumps?


The Trumps? Who said anything about the Trumps?

Manafort was the campaign manager. He ran it.

By all accounts, the prosecutors already have Manafort dead to rights. No stretching required.


The whole point of going after Manafort was to get him to flip on Trump and when he didn’t they decided to use his prosecution to dig for whatever they can find.

Even if there was some “pay to play” involved that wouldn’t even be illegal in and of itself.

It is routine for appointments to go to insiders in both parties.