Michael Cohen Flips


You think republicans could have possibly liked Obama less?


In other words Democrats held their politician accountable unlike Republicans who will forgive Trump for anything. Exactly what we’ve been saying


Sure, when it costs them nothing, they do.


What is wild to me is that it is pretty obvious that Cohen knew what was happening was nefarious and that he wanted damaging material on his boss in case Trump tried to turn on him. For an attorney to do that with their client is extremely weird. It is very likely that Cohen has dropped only one tape so that even if that one is found inadmissible, that many more are available.

Cohen has Trump by the balls and it will be very interesting to see if Trump tweets about it. Cohen has obviously not taken the Manafort route of hoping for a pardon and will try and get off on the least possible charge in exchange for handing over the big fish. Wow…


Right! That’s why it’s still news that he’s paying off his mistresses with hush money. Makes one wonder who else he is paying off with hush money.


If he didn’t want his kid to know, then he should have kept his pecker in his pants. Rather simple.


You talking about Newt?


well, that’s why he had everybody and their brother sign those over the top NDAs. that covers him a ton.


:point_up_2: Things that Trump Republicans use to say.


It’s almost like every time you say how much you dislike Trump, it’s a complete lie.


You: “It’s technically illegal but he still shouldn’t be prosecuted.”


*:beer:Drinks *


Yeah, that’s his newest mode of defense.


Or policy decisions. Or favorable treatment. Or building rifts in western alliances.

So many other ways to pay extortion.


Looks like war is on between Trump and Cohen, with Trump suggesting what Cohen did was illegal.


Certainly highly unethical and could be enough to get Cohen disbarred. Illegal? No.

I would wager that Trump was involved in a lot more illegality on whatever recordings Cohen has. Never mind what Putin has.


As long as it was in New York State it’s legal. NY is a one party consent state.


On the contrary, I linked a former head of the FEC who says it’s not illegal. As for defending Trump, you are mistaking not being emotionally invested in taking him down as defense. I am just giving you my rational opinion on whether or not it is a strong or weak case. If I am wrong, terrific.


i’ve talked to my lawyer and my cpa a zillion times and i’m trying to think of anything that i said that would get me arrested. best i can come up with is asking about small deductions without receipts.

so, Trump shouldn’t be worried. he doesn’t do stuff that’s illegal.


Cohen is definitely not taking the “Please pardon me after they lock me up!!” route.

He is taking the "I’ve got a ton of ■■■■ on you and I’m gonna plea out the least damaging charge in exchange for your head!! route.