Michael Avenatti sues to stop frat posting nude vids of women on secret Facebook site

Had not seen this before seeing Avenatti’s tweet. Glad he’s going after this. Hope these guys end up in jail for a long long time.

After reading the full complaint, I would say the fraternity and these young men are done…

Disgusting that they would treat women this way…

Why is this in politics?

Depending on ages this could be child porn

Not a fan of these kinds of cases. I don’t think it’s harrassment to have your own knowingly recorded actions distributed, even without consent. The victim can pursue civil litigation for misuse of their image, like actors do. This is just a case of using criminal penalties to erase poor choices.

Revenge porn actually is illegal in many states.

It’s a civil suit, not a criminal indictment…

I don’t think the logic underneath those laws are sound. Self taken nude photos, for example, should be treated like any other created media like a song, or an illustration. The artist has the power to sue for misuse in the later two cases, and that should be sufficent for the nudes case as well. I just don’t think there should be a criminal element to this unless the photos were taken without consent.

Wow, im stupid. :embarrassed:
Thanks for correcting me.

Except for the fact that explicit photos and movies have always been legally regulated and were in many cases expressly illegal in the US until forty odd years ago.

If they were used without consent, it would be a violation.

My problem with that is that if I spend 25 hours on a digitial painting and I find out some company is selling it on a trading card or T-shirt without consent, I don’t have the power to smack people with the threat of jail time for it. If the painting were a real physical object instead of an electronic one that can be infinitely replicated, then the police could definitely bust down a door, remove a painting and slap charges on people.

The laws regarding nude photos act as if the victim has ownership over the file that can be revoked at a later time like a like real physical painting. I don’t think that should be the case because spreading the nude photos does not deplete a limited stock of objects created by the person. And nude photo files themselves are made from physical material purchased and put together by the end user. I’m of the opinion that the moment a nude is copied, which happens every time it’s sent, the photo belongs to the end user.

I dislike seeing law enforcement used in what I feel is a copyright violation situation. This thread is about a civil case, which is fine. But the mention of violated criminal statutes in the PDF is that makes me cringe away from siding with the girls here. I did like seeing swat teams invading MEGAUPLOAD’s facilities either, which is where my aversion to throw principle of revenge porn laws comes from.

All I see is another favored class getting to use the police to enforce some sort of super copyright like the music and movie industry does.

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I think you’re getting confused about image ownership vs. your image in the picture. My comment was referring to use of your image (aka you) without permission. If the picture is something you created, you have control.

It should be done.

What exactly is the purpose of Greek Letter Organizations, anyway?

To exclude?

To host parties and not clean up after themselves?

To film their own sexual activities and spread them without their partners’ consent?

I’ve never really understood them, nor seen much good come out of them, although some of their members weren’t such bad people on an individual basis.

But when the group mentality kicks in, that’s another story.

The thought of that to me is repulsive. Revenge porn is straight up evil

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