Michael Avenatti says other women claiming to have had affairs with Trump will soon be revealed

Yes it does. Lying on financial disclosure forms is against the law. Combine that with the reason he lied and you have a textbook case of corruption

With his own money? No it’s not. Disgusting. Immoral. Sure.

Not corrupt.

How are you going to prove he lied? You’ll never get him for that.

Being as immoral as Trump means he has a corrupt soul.

I’m cool with that. Let’s let the investigation run it’s course. These things take time

The payments are not on the financial disclosure forms. Providing false financial information /lying about it is against the law

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I don’t disagree. That’s a moral judgment.

I answered your question, but you seem to have cruised right past it for some reason.

It is potentially a federal crime that he did not disclose the financial liability on his 2017 disclosure for the Daniel’s payments to Cohen. And if there are in fact additional women, as Avenatti claims, who received payoffs of even more than $130,000, then the current financial disclosure filed that listed the liability in the range of $100,001 - $250,000 would also have made it where Trump committed yet another federal crime.

They “inadvertently omit” stuff all the time. You aren’t going to get him for that.

Of course you do.

They do. The OGE referral to the deputy AG is very unusual though.

Yes, the intent has to be proven.

Cohen could end up getting Trump into far more trouble than Mueller will.

And you think they’re going to prosecute him for that? No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.

oops - I ready tour post wrong Sneaky - sorry.

Boring. If you don’t want to discuss these issues, then why bother posting in these threads? You asked what corruption there was. I gave you the laws potentially broken. And then you proceed to pick up the goalposts and move them on down the field, without addressing the post which answered the question you personally posed. If you wanted to discuss whether a President can be prosecuted while in office, you should have asked that question, and we could have discussed it instead.

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But he’s definitely not a Trump supporter!

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it’s crazy that a porn star’s lawyer will take down the President…lolol

“No reasonable prosecutor” is a reference to Clintons case.

Sometimes a violation of the law isn’t enough, a lot of leeway can be given in certain areas. Particularly financial disclosures that can be a pain in the ass to accurately file.

Hence why Kushner has revised his filings like 40 times and not been prosecuted, or even fired for that matter.

Who knows what is in a person’s heart, but I truly believe he is not, and genuinely would like to see Trump impeached. He is just not convinced anything that has been presented thus far is enough to grant him his wish. @SneakySFDude, you tell us. Am I correct in my assessment?

Trump is a con man. He’ll only disclose things if he has to.

If there are idiots left in the country that haven’t figured that out yet, well, that’s on them.