Michael Avenatti says other women claiming to have had affairs with Trump will soon be revealed


Definitely not. I want Trump impeached.


Exactly spot on.


Look, you aren’t going to get him on morals. Bill Clinton changed all that.


Heh…even a broken clock is right twice a day. :wink:


That I didn’t start.


These are a few examples for you to peruse.


I like this one.


:rofl: :rofl: :joy:


Does this indicate Mueller is out of ammo?

I would think the same boring nonsense month after month would get stale.

Interesting to note his job approval numbers have rebounded quite well from a low of about 36% to a steady 44%.


You don’t understand what’s going on do you?


I think I do.
He failed to derail Trump. So he will try again. And scorned angry women are a lawyer’s best friend.


Mueller had nothing to o with this


i watch you guys post and i’m convinced that you don’t even realize the first inning isn’t over yet (as you talk about wins and losses). i guess it makes supporters feel better to think that hundreds of things have already been investigated and decided (with Trump winning them all).


Oh … right! You guys want to take your time because you like Trump in the White House.

Who are you trying to fool? You guys would be broadcasting ANY incriminating evidence the day you find some.


how many years did the Clinton impeachment drag on for? how many years was Benghazi investigated for?


yeah… I know . Mueller is just the incarnate Revenge


I don’t. …


Dude its only been a year and look what was discovered… this is not a witch hunt no matter how hard you stomp your feet


well, that response totally missed my point.

which was, nothing has been decided yet. investigations are ongoing. we’re still early in the game (no matter how much Trump voters want this to be over or think it’s already over).


Trump sucks a lot.