Michael Avenatti says other women claiming to have had affairs with Trump will soon be revealed

Avenatti waited until Trump filed yesterday to essentially trap him in yet another lie. These payments were not disclosed on the form Trump signed yesterday under penalty of perjury.

lol but but but Obama was the most corrupt ever…

Don’t worry. He can revise disclosures. Just ask Jared.

How is this corrupt?

So what? Everybody knows he’s a liar.

paying off side chicks so they wont leak that info is corrupt… sheesh come on man

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OGE says it should have been disclosed, chances are there’s an ongoing investigation into that.

Because of this perhaps?

What is your defense:

  1. It’s not bad.
  2. It’s bad, but who cares.

Please pick your Trump talking point.

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You are too good for that.

Doesn’t make it corrupt.

You’re living in the past man. No-one has any morals anymore. Oh wait, that’s the trumpers.

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Only if you don’t know what the definition of the word corrupt is, I suppose!

The violation in question isn’t of a guideline, it’s of federal law.

I don’t defend Trump. If you want to impeach him you’re going to have to do better than a footnote.

This would be a good thing for Trump. He can claim that the Stormy payment was just business as usual and not connected with the election. Oh, and then lie some more to Melania.

Answer the question.

If he used campaign money I agree. If not, so what?

Just Trumpers? Try all of Congress, and at tax payer expense at that!

I doubt they talk. And not because of this.

Go start a thread about it.